Steve Coll reads a newspaper in Pakistan.

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  1. Surely an adorable zoo animal gave birth somewhere, people.

    It goes with some of Dan Gardner’s favourite roll-over topics:

    the media overplay bad news to sell papers – because that’s what we buy.

    politicians can pretend to let the science guide them, because they get to choose which ‘science’ they will espouse – because we let them

    we only perceive what we are prepared to perceive – because that’s how we are wired.

    For all the kool aid drinkers out there, lighten up and let some sunshine in. You jump on news stories or innocent comments with wild abandon and slag your fellow commenters for not preferring your flavour fo kool aid. Acknowledge your inner confirmation bias and resolve for the New Year to be polite, find something valuable in what others have to say, especially when you disagree. Be discerning in what you choose to use in support of your argumets and have a nice day.

  2. Brad,

    Surely an adorable zoo animal gave birth somewhere, people.

    None did, and that’s precisely the problem. Didn’t you hear? “GATWALA WILDLIFE BREEDING AREA IN DISARRAY”! Of course, if more Canadian reporters would start doing their jobs, we’d have known about this problem before it was too late.

  3. I thought it was overrated as a movie but surely “tortured” is a little strong.

  4. For the positive stuff turn to a travel magazine. Or an in-flight airline magazine. It’s all good news in those things.

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