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Avez-vous vu Charmaine?


The local paper in Terrebonne/Blainville cannot find the riding’s New Democratic Party candidate, and they have been trying very hard.

(Google translation of the above-linked article)


Avez-vous vu Charmaine?

  1. What an odd article. Reads like Ms. Borg is missing, presumed dead but I assume that isn't the case. Is story as strange in French as English?

  2. Perhaps Ms. Borg has been assimilated.

  3. Charmaine is a dedicated community activist and volunteer. In 2008, she received the Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award for founding a drama program for at-risk youth.

    She currently works as a Labour Relations Officer for the Association of McGill University Support Employees.

    Charmaine is also co-president of NDP McGill where she is studying Political Science.

    No info on whether she lives in the riding. I have a guess.

    But, to Ms. Borg's credit, this blurb has more info than other candidate pages at NDP.ca have…

    • Maybe they should call Outremont…

      Charmaine Borg and Matthew Dube, co-presidents of NDP McGill, have focused on re-electing McGill alumnus Thomas Mulcair in the Outremont riding. Mulcair is the only NDP MP from Quebec, and one of the two deputy leaders of the party.
      –The McGill Tribune, April 5, 2011

    • Has the Trait d'Union tried friending her on Facebook?

      Join Facebook to start connecting with NDP McGill. … Matthew Dube, Co-President; Charmaine Borg, Co-President…

    • Ms. Borg is on the bargaining team at AMUSE, the Association of Support Employees at McGill. Maybe the Trait d'Union or a constituent would like to fire off an email:


    • All bow before the Google…

      Ms. Borg, the NDP tells us, is involved with AMUSE. In fact, she is the Labour Relations Officer.

      Executive (2010-2012)

      Labour Relations Officer
      Charmaine Borg, labour.amuse@gmail.com

      Come on, Trait d'Union, do I have to do everything for you?

  4. The press put out a missing person alert on the NDP candidate in Don Valley West. She had no contact information whatsoever and no one had ever seen her. Turned out the photo on the NDP candidate website was not of her and a couple days later she was found about 1800km away from her riding, working as the campaign manager for the NDP Kenora candidate. She has no plans to ever step foot in the riding she says she wants to represent.

    So, I assume this one will show up too. Maybe, check some of the NDP campaigns in Manitoba and see if she is there.

  5. Election Night Update:

    It's a BORG LANDSLIDE in Terrebonne-Blainville!

    What a fascinating campaign strategy…