Back in the fold -

Back in the fold


Maxime Bernier notes his cabinet appointment.

Small businesses, including those in Canada’s tourism sector, are the backbone of our economy. Entrepreneurship and economic development are topics that I have felt passionately about for a very long time. My native region, the Beauce, is often described as the kingdom of small businesses. I am thus very happy to play a role in our new government with the goal of maintaining the best environment possible so that Canada’s small businesses continue to prosper.

It should be noted that as a minister, I am like all my colleagues bound by cabinet solidarity and my public declarations must reflect the government’s positions. I therefore have less scope than I had as a simple MP to express my ideas and take public stands on various topics, as I did these past few years. The content of this blog will thus be a bit different from now on.


Back in the fold

  1. And thus we see the donning of the gold duct tape. 

  2.  Very glad to see M. Bernier back inside the tent. His basic libertarian ideas are what are golden. 

  3.  Sad to see Bernier disappear. Personally, I would prefer if Bernier continued touring country giving his Libertarian speeches than agree to join this travesty of an authoritarian Cabinet.  

  4. I’m going to miss having Mad Max roaming the wastelands…oops, I mean Canada. 

  5.  So the Beauce is “the kingdom of small businesses.”

    I always thought of it more as a principality, maybe a duchy.

  6. Souls, sadly going cheap.  And he was told to come alone to Rideau Hall.  Apparently Hy’s is the politically correct place to take cheao women – and cabinet ministers.

  7. All the best to Max. Personally I wish he had a more prominent portfolio (such as industry again, where his libertarian views would help push for greater competition in the telco/wireless industry).