Back to school (II) -

Back to school (II)


Michael Ignatieff talks to the Globe.

“I’m going back into a classroom because the only damn thing I can do that’s any use to anybody is to teach kids what I learned and what mistakes I made … The life that I like the best is teaching. It’s the end of my life as a politician.”


Back to school (II)

  1. Okay, now I have sympathy for Micheal Ignatieff.


    • Why 'ouch'?
      Did you read description of Iggy's new office and job? Maybe it is the correct move, I never had sense that Iggy was enjoying himself while leader. Always looked agitated or something, never comfortable in his skin. Iggy likes academia, it suits him, we should be happy for him.

      There could be much worse things in life than working in Iggy's cushy new office while thinking life's thoughts.

      • I don't feel sorry for his circumstances, but it is obviously he felt the loss as a crushing blow.

        I felt sorry for Stephane Dion after his loss too, though he is obviously better suited as the MP than the Liberal leader, and will earn more over his lifetime than I will.

        • It was pretty obvious that he was crushed on Monday night. His speech was pretty revealing.

      • I believe the 'ouch' was for the sentiment of it being "the only damn thing I can do that's any use to anybody"

        • Rightly or wrongly, Iggy seems to be taking this awful personally.

          • It was made awfully personal.

          • It's hard for him not to take a good deal of it personally. The Conservatives were running against Iggy as a person, and won.

    • Agreed. I never thought he was a great politician, but I always thought he was a good man.

      Now of course politics is politics, but the past two years must have been a brutal ego beating.

      I really wish we had a little more sophistication in our politics, like say the British. Even when they're tearing each other to pieces, at least they're polite about it.

      And let's face it, the British parliament makes ours look like reccess in a primary school playground.

      It's bloody embarrassing on all sides.

      • "BLIAR". Actual Conservative campaign material from an actual British election.

    • Hahahahaha …. Poor Baby! What a bitter loser jerk to be teaching our kids …. (paraphrased) "I can't do anything but I can teach it!" Just another academic loser who can't survive in the real world but who would have gleefully imposed his will upon an entire people with whom he shared few values. This idiot raised not even one issue of substance during the election so we can assume he, like Harper, wants closer integration with the US and that he agreed with the proposed sell out Harper is negotiating by the means of CETA.

      He raised no issue about Afghanistan or our participation in trying to kill Moammar Gadhafi of Libya – which is very likely a war crime (NOT A CANADIAN VALUE IGGY AND NEITHER IS TORTURE). Iggy loved foreign entanglements because he fancied himself an "expert" in them. – because somewhere in his little heart he most certainly knew he was not an expert with respect to Canadians.

      There is little doubt that Iggy did not understand Canada …. on his 1/2 hour commercial he started by saying that he was sorry that most other Canadians did not get to do what he had done " …. travel from sea to sea, ocean to ocean" What he and his handlers, friends and editors missed is that while the US has 2 seas we have 3.oceans – from sea to sea to sea, ocean to ocean to ocean.

      Anyone who believes that this sort of mistake was not sub-consciously understood by many Canadians is daft. His previous written denigration of Ukrainians and other groups marked him as an elitist and his book on how much he loved Canada as a insincere illusionist.

      However, many small minded liberals, like little children, do not want to blame the source for their loss, themselves.

      I wish the youngsters elected to the house good luck …. not because I voted NDP (I did not) or care about rigid political parties, but because I hope they try to do their best for our country.

      Who knows, out of the crop of youngsters elected, we may find a winner.

  2. I know your experiences and expertise will enhance views and truth about political challenges and the lack of respect to others to win at any cost, any means. Amazing how some will compromise their values, principles to join a mudslining free for all.
    My best wishes are with you Michael. I know in my heart you you will open many minds and one day we can enjoy a Canada with leadership that is not exclusive but inclusive for all Canadians.
    Thank you for the opportunity to know you and the honor I felt to vote for you.

    • Amazing how some will compromise their values, principles to join a mudslining free for all.

      Which he was more than willing to do himself, wasn't he.

      Personally, I don't hold out much hope for what his students will be able to learn from him. He lost, and he's bitter about it. I wouldn't want a kid to take his class.

  3. I can't help but think that if he's been more himself and told the LPC bigwigs to go hang, he would've done a lot better as leader.

    Based on the articles and comments I'm reading on this site, it seems a lot of people share that persepective.

    • You mean if he was more of a leader and took charge?

      I think he played the role of leader fairly well, certainly better than Dion or Martin. There was a certain unity in the party (Denis Coderre's outburst aside), they cobbled together a coherent platform, and he even went as far as to fire just about all of his top staff and replace them with Donolo and others. All these things have certain strong gutsy leadership qualities to them.

      I know what you mean. He listened to his handlers too much. There was a while where he was droppin' his Gs and talkin' like this. He released those awful Narnia ads. He looked foolish with "your time is up.". But in the very end, I think he did it his way: The town halls, the loose style, no notes, the infomercial explaining who he was and where he wanted to take the country.

      It's tempting to point fingers, but I don't think he totally succumbed to his handlers. This was Ignatieff's campaign, not his handlers' campaign.

    • I wouldn't make much of that. People are instantly much more gracious about people who aren't a threat to their goals.

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • See, now you're just being a dick.

    • that's totally unfair – his media appearances were very helpful to the Bush administration as they marketed the Iraq war.

      • No, not at all. I was in the US at the time and his appearances had basically zero impact on the debate within the United States. They likely had more impact in Canada where people knew who Michael Ignatieff was.

        • Or the UK for that matter. He was probably best known there.

        • I don't remember him being part of the debate here, either. In fact, the only people who seem to have known him before he came back are liberal elite types – the same people who are now mad at Canadians for not voting for their cherished professor.

  5. Wow, and people thought he wasn't dedicated to political life and only came back to be PM. Were they ever wrong? Ever?

    • So you think he should stay in politics even though the voters of Etobicoke have fired him from his job?

      • They're just angry that they're going to have to create a whole new campaign against Jack.

        • Did you know more the fity percent of Liberal party members didn't want Ignatieff as their leader? Shocking but true. You don't have to be a Conservative to have a low opinion of Michael Ignatieff, particularly as a politician.

          • "Did you know more the fity percent of Liberal party members didn't want Ignatieff as their leader?"

            …and more the sixty percent of Canadians didn't want Harper as their leader?

            Hold on…does this mean you support proportional representation? Surprising.

          • Does the Liberal party use first-past-the-post to elect its leader? I do support MMP proportional representation, with federal seats allocated by province to respect the Constitution. This is only surprising because you've made an assumption about my political beliefs.

      • Yep. Getting fired from a job doesn't mean the end of your career.

        • Yeah, but it generally does if you are a politician. Political comebacks after a defeat like this are extremely rare. Only Canadian example I can think of off the top of my head was King (lost the 1925 election and lost his own seat, but managed to immediately make a deal with the Progressives before the Conservatives realized what had happened).

          • Not everyone equates "life as a politician" with "life as a party leader and PM-in-waiting".

  6. So nobody sees the irony that he will be teaching at the Munk School of Global Affairs?

    An entity that would not exist except for the big evil, filthy rich corporation of Barrick Gold whose CEO Peter Munk donated $35 million to last year. One of those Canadian, big businesses who should have their corporate taxes raised (according to Iggy's campaign platform) will now be paying his salary, lol!!!

    Hope he teaches the tree huggers that money does not grow on trees.

    • Uh…what? You're suggesting that raising corporate taxes would make them so angry they'd never donate money to a school?

      Or are you just really, really grasping at straws here?

      • Just reinforces how disingenuous he always was. He would be quite aware that big corporations are huge supporters of acadamia, etc., yet campaigned painting them as blood-sucking enities whose tax breaks were diverting monies from potential social programs.

        • Not mutually exclusive.

          • How dare you challenge the black/white narrative!

  7. This whole analysis, especially the last minute shifting of support by the "blue liberals" (borrowing I suppose from the "Reagan Democrats") is largely predicated on the assumed accuracy of the daily polls. And that's a rather big assumption I would say.

    Btw – was Alan Gregg's denunciation of polls and its "expert" analysis by pollsters his swan song, in light of his resignation last night from at Issue? Seems that way in retrospect.

  8. One of the top 20 universities in the world….he's already taught at many of the other top ones.

  9. very often in life we are condemned by our wown words (biblical as well) if anyone takes the time to actually try to read one of his books you can tell that his time in politics in Canada was that indeed he was – ' Just Visiting ' and the speed of his exit only makes the eating of this pudding self evident ! da proof as jean used to say !!! – look let's be honest here folks – he was chosen and coronated by the backroom boys and thought he knew how to play the game BUT he didn't actually pay attention to his own ideas or the points he made in his own writings – it wasn't the relentless evil meanie stevie and the so called attack ads – attack ads don't work unless they are TRUE !!! one time he actually said that the only thing he missed about Canada was ' Algonquin Park ' then insulted our Flag and god forbid our BEER !! says it all folks – were I still a Liberal I wouldn't miss his contributions to the history of the party whatsoever – especially how he conned the party into coronating him and avoiding a real leadership convention

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    • Stay classy, reptile.

  10. "It's the end of my life as a politician.”

    I was hoping to hear "I'll retun to politics when pigs fly and water turns to beer". lol!!!

  11. Plus, add in that if the Liberals never really recover, he'll be the guy that killed the Liberal Party, the once natural governing party of Canada. I definitely get why he's taking things personally.