Back to school -

Back to school


Michael Ignatieff will take up residence at the University of Toronto.

“Political leadership often comes with onerous burdens and Dr. Ignatieff has met his challenges with both fortitude and imagination,” Fraser said. “He will be welcomed into the university community in Toronto by both faculty and students and honoured for his commitment to our national life. In return, we shall have the benefit from his learning and experience.”


Back to school

  1. Stupid U of T. Don't they know he's "just visiting" and "only in it for himself". This is a public institution. His salary is being paid by the taxes of hard working Canadians. Now he's brainwashing our youth with all his crazy ideas about democracy and accountability, and honesty. Shame.

    • Now he's brainwashing our youth with all his crazy ideas about democracy and accountability, and honesty.

      Especially when he's obviously clueless on all those topics!

      • Yes; hard to believe he thinks they count for something when the CPC has clearly demonstrated such beliefs are detrimental to success. It's harder to lie to a nation if one has a conscience; fortunately, that's not a problem for Harper & the PMO.

        • Give me a break. He was more than willing to throw the mud and then some in his desperate push for power. That he lost doesn't make him some kind of a saint. He should go back to academia a humbled man. Period.

          • Sadly, one doesn't stand a chance against Harper and his 50 million dollars in tax-payer funded attack ads unless he throws a little mud. That's nothing to be proud of.

          • The Tories paid for those ads with their own money. Those ads depicted him as an arrogant visitor. If they weren't true, they wouldn't have worked. Or do you think Canadians are too stupid to determine the matter for themselves?

          • Speaking of taxpayer's money – when's that fraud trial involving the two Conserative Senators scheduled for? June?

          • These kinds of desperate attacks haven't worked for five years, they didn't work during or fourth $300 million election in seven years, so Jan decides to keep at it. Brilliant. Here's to the "new" Liberal attitude.

          • You're right, those desperate attack ads won't work for another what… eight years? Yeah, that sounds about right.

          • " If they weren't true, they wouldn't have worked". Have you ever studied history at all??? I think Orwell thought the bigger the lie the EASIER the sell. Stalin Hitler etc.

          • So you do think Canadians are stupid. I don't. Sorry.

          • Stupid? No. Intellectually lazy? Yes.

          • The Tories are the most subsidized party by far. They paid for those ads with our money.

          • The Tories just won an election promising to do away with those subsidies. In fact, they wanted to do away with those subsidies after the last election, but the opposition formed a coalition to stop that measure and more.

            So, in a sense, it was Iggy himself who ensured that the ads against him were partially paid for by the electorate. Ain't that a kick? And now the Tories are canceling those subidies. Democracy is a great thing, isn't it?

          • Up to 75% of donations come out of the federal treasury. So it would seem the majority of the money they spend is public money.

          • Every single dollar raised by a political party is tax-payer subsidized. If this is another strategic misdirection of truth being promoted by CON central please take it outside. The election's over. The truth won't hurt you.

          • Enough with this nonsense of calling people liars for daring to oppose you politically. It hasn't worked for five years. It didn't work in the last election. So why keep at it? Geez. Next.

    • stupid idiot. Ignatieff was born canada so he is canadian while the leader of your gov't was reported by the sentinel dispatch that he wasn't born in toronto and no yearbook can confirmthat he attended schools in toronto nor a neighbor who can attest that he was born in toronto. so who is just visiting. idiot. your leader is mentally sick and should be in the mental hospital not in the pmo. shame

      • Actually, maybe Canadians are stupid after all.

  2. Great job, gorgeous office, and for the first time he can openly be called Dr.without Cons throwing a fit.

    • As long as he isn't our prime minister, it's all good, Emily. It's all good.

      • Pretty much what I'd expect a hoser to say.

  3. From Massey College's press release:

    In the past 15 years, three outstanding Canadians have been Senior Residents: the former prime minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau; the former premier of Ontario, the Hon. Bob Rae; and the former leader of the federal Reform Party, Mr. Preston Manning.

    Now Mr. Rae can point to something he accomplished before his college buddy and roommate.

    • You mean like being elected? Rae became an MP in 1978, the same year that Ignatieff left Canada. When Ignatieff returned to Canada in 2005, Rae had been elected to Parliament three times as an NDP MP, and he had been elected to the Ontario legislature many times as an MPP, serving as party leader, opposition leader, and then premier.

  4. The one you made fun of as an 'egghead'

    That's the hoser mentality.

    • No, I made fun of him as a visiting egghead. Get it right! lol

      • But he's NOT leaving! And taking that immigrant non voting wife with him. This is starting to be a long visit.

        • I'll give him credit for that.

      • The adjective was visiting….the noun was egghead.

    • “They say that we try to portray Ignatieff in our ads and so on as a weak and flailing professor,” the war room staffer said. “No, that's how we portrayed Dion."… Michael Ignatieff, in our narrative, is a political opportunist who is calculating, who will do and say anything to get elected."

      Think again Emily.

      • They said the same things about both men.

        • You are obviously the they to which the staffer alludes.

          • Cons said the same things about both men.

          • Perhaps in your fantasy land, where the LPC won a stunning victory, and Ignatieff is polling at his highest levels ever, but not in reality.

          • Saying stupid stuff is a gift with you.

          • Actually, Atchison, the Conservatives made a HUGE deal out of Dion having French citizenship; that by being a dual-national he was less Canadian; and was unpatriotic; and suspect and; arrogant to not give it up.


    • Those were just rumours that everyone denied.

      • They are more than rumours now.

    • This is a different position.

  5. Wonder what he will be teaching at the Munk School of Global Affairs? It is a bit of a hot potato right now as some leftys don't like corporate donations for fear $35 million from dirty big business will taint their education. What would Dr. Ignatieff say?

    “We don't want Munk's money affiliated with the university and we fear it could push a right-wing agenda and shut down academic freedom,” warned first-year student Juan Carlos Jimenez of the Anti-Corporatization Working Group, a subgroup of the U of T General Assembly coalition.

    • I believe he's teaching law and political science. I wish Mr. Jimenez well with his studies.

  6. God Bless him.

    He is, without question, one of Canada's MOST SUCCESSFUL RESIDENTS !

    You are serving your country well, Mr. Ignatieff. Thank you for not retiring !

  7. Wait a minute. They are getting rid of a big subsidy. The subsidies you're talking about are attached to private contributions, which they get far more of than the other parties. Those other parties can get those same subsidies if they raise more of their own money, which they don't. And the ads you're all crying about only work if they ring true. It is democracy. It doesn't stop being so because you lose by it. In fact, Iggy ran false dirty attack ads when his back was up against the wall, and funded by the taxpayer. You kind of missed that part, didn't you.

    • 'They are getting rid of a big subsidy.'

      If I send $100 bucks to the Conservatives, I get $75 back come tax time. Are you telling me the tax-rebate subsidy isn't bigger than the per-vote subsidy? Is that true? (I'm honestly not sure… these aren't sarcastic questions.)

      • The chart here neatly summarizes this:

        Seconded with gottabesaid. I don't care if it is triggered by votes or by political donations, in any event it is money coming out of taxpayer pockets. There is no principle at play when one proposes to eliminate one subsidy but is fine with the other two. In one case, a vote causes money to come out of my pocket as a taxpayer. In the other case, a political donation causes money to come out of my pocket. Whatever the trigger, it is money coming out of taxpayer pockets and if you believe in less subsidization, they should all be eliminated, not just one.

        • That chart is a beauty!!

          I'd actually prefer the per vote subsidy only, to some maximum amount per year. Seems to me that the maximum should be somewhere in the $2 million to $5 million per year range for any given party.

          I was surprised that the Wiki article was able to 'get away' with offering the opinion that the per vote subsidy is the fairest way of funding parties.

    • "ring true"

      They don't have to be true, they just have to be plausible. That is a watchword of this government, certainly.

  8. It's better then filing for unemployment.

  9. Called it two days ago:

    (The G&W's version of the announcement notes Ignatieff's assignment will include the Munk Centre)

    And since that seems to be the only thing about the election I got right, I'm retiring on that slight victory.

    'Bye, all!


    • See you in 2015!