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The Defence Minister is apparently considering legal action.

Mr. MacKay’s office says statements like that show the minister was telling the truth when he said he was taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in an exercise. “Minister MacKay has had his character and personal reputation attacked,” spokesman Jay Paxton said. “Minister MacKay is looking into legal options against those who have attacked his integrity.”

However much today’s claim bolsters Mr. MacKay’s case, the government side didn’t bother to reference it when the opposition pressed the matter this afternoon. Thrice, Julian Fantino, covering for the absent minister, stood and explained that “the minister was called back from personal vacation to go to work,” without any mention of search-and-rescue training.

John Geddes looked at what apparently inspired to Mr. MacKay to cut short his vacation yesterday and the NDP’s Matthew Kellway pursued various questions on that front today.

As for his decision to hop in the basket to get to London for a press conference on a new military contract, I have a few questions. When exactly was this contract signed, when was the minister told and when did he decide to travel to London?

In response, Mr. Fantino said only what the script, as noted above, allowed.


Back to work

  1. why are the public not terrified by these people? they should be

    •  . . . says the guy who has advocated throwing all of his political opponents in jail.

  2. Just bluster.  MPs have House privilege, and it’s the Opposition’s job to hold the govt to account.

  3. If these petty bullies are threatening legal action over name-calling, they may need to lawyer up, themselves, for the same offense. Civility is now lost in the conduct of the nation’s affairs, and it has evaporated most thoroughly since the Cons’ arrival as government.

  4. “Minister MacKay is looking into legal options …”

    How wussified are the Cons now? Cons should be embarrassed by some of these ninnies. 

    J S Mill ~ We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still

  5. Two reasons our oh so brave DefMin is bluffing: (1) Dis (2) Covery

    • Of course you KNOW he’ll claim cabinet confidences or some such.

  6. I hope someone calls his bluff. Would love to see MacKay prove in a court of law that he did not lie.


  7. Gee Aaron, you wonder why none of the press are invited to the Conservatives Christmas party.

    Wafer anyone?

    • Unless they are rewarded with senatorial appointment for services rendered in the course of an electoral campaign.

      Bring in the food!

  8. Call his bluff.

    • He sounds very much like a man holding a gun to his own head and threatening to blow his brains out. “I’m warning you! I’LL DO IT!!!”

  9. What are we talking about here?  McKay as an individual sueing other individuals?  An MP suing other MPs?  Is he going to sue everyone who calls him a liar?  Me?  The media?

    Bring it on, Petey, you just sound like such a whiney suckhole.  Man up and apologize!

  10. This is just the typical CPC response to getting caught:
    1) Deny it’s a story.
    2) Concoct some lame excuse that has one or two minor truths, then stick to it regardless of the mounting evidence that the cover is a lie.
    3) But the Liberals did it too!
    4) Threaten law suit
    5) Either:   
    a) Find a staffer to throw under the bus   
    b) Threaten a law suit and hope it scares critics away
      c) Prorogue (Note: this option is only applicable when there is a direct connection to Harper.)

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