Back to work, again


Labour Minister Lisa Raitt says the Conservatives will introduce back-to-work legislation to prevent a disruption at Air Canada. Elizabeth May is unimpressed.

Lisa Raitt presenting back-to-work Air Canada bills — 2 unions, mechanics and pilots. National emergency is March break.

I am deeply disturbed that the govt is once again interfering in collective bargaining rights.

By the way, Lisa Raitt announced back-to-work leg but has not introduced it yet. All we have so far is the motion to limit debate on it.


Back to work, again

  1. Do we still call it “back to work” legislation if it’s passed before anyone stops working?

    Also, given that the stated position of Air Canada management was that they were going to lock out their employees, why is it “back to work” legislation and not “prevent a lockout” legislation? 

    • How about the ‘We’re from the government and we’re here to help’ legislation. 

  2. It has been a truism for centuries that when leaders find themselves in a political and economic mess, they

    a) Find a scapegoat

    b) Find a war

    c) Try to convince people the ‘old days and old ways’ are best

    Canada is currently doing all 3.

  3. How does this help the economy?  Keeping people AT work during March break would promote way more productivity than letting them fly off willy-nilly to the Turks and Caicos, Vegas, or Florida. ;)

  4. How about the “Let my people go” Act?

  5. Wow!
    Two postings in a row that do not have the word robocall in them.
    I wonder why.

    The moral of the story is: 
    The decisive victory by the Liberals in Guelph should be a warning to all Conservatives. When it comes to engaging in dirty tricks in elections the Conservatives will always come in second place to the Liberals. They have neither the experience nor expertise to compete with the masters.

    • Give it a rest Ellen.

    • What’s up with Fantino’s campaign workers complaining about $$$’s during his two elections?  This is Con on Con, so you can’t play the partisan card.

    • Um, this article is about something other than Conservatives lying to (elderly?) voters in order to suppress their vote, Ellen.

      • Give her a break. Half-track mind and all.. it takes her a bit to switch gears.

  6. I heard one of the Conservative speakers on the Commons say with a straight face “We are not taking sides”. How could anyone hear that and not burst out laughing? 
    But the pundits and media elites just sit there and lap it up. “Of course they are not taking sides. What a ridiculous idea to even contemplate.”

    • But they  are on the side of our health and safety apparently. 

  7. I never realised how crucial March break was to our economic well-being. 

    • With so many Canadians travelling to the four corners of the earth, as Minister Raitt has suggested you would think there will be a real hit to consumer spending.

      • Good point. Shouldn’t these people be encouraged to spend their money at home to support the local economy and employment?

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