Back to work for CP Rail

by Aaron Wherry

Flanked by four other ministers, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt has now announced her intention to table back-to-work legislation for CP Rail today.

The government side has already moved to limit debate on the legislation.

See previously: Back to work

Updated 3:41pm. Here is the text of the bill, introduced in the House by Ms. Raitt moments ago.


Back to work for CP Rail

  1. Yes, employers, there is absolutely no need to negotiate with your workforce.
    The Harper Government.

    • Yes, union members, there is absolutely no chance you’ll be able to hold the country hostage because you have an inflated sense of entitlement.
      The Harper Government.

      • Must be hard to be the CPC designated kool aid drinker…

  2. God damned nanny-state government! Stay the hell out of my busine… oh.. wait..

  3. Curious… is the clause about it being illegal to review the work of the government appointed arbitrator standard? Or is that just an extra poke in the eye so that nobody has to worry about bribes being exposed?

    • Yes, but courts can’t be prevented from reviewing it. It’s more a signal or statement of legislative intent that may encourage a measure of deference that would not be there otherwise.

  4. So much for the neo-Con mantra of less government interference in people’s lives. These con men can’t perceive blatant hypocrisy on their part because they have lost all sense of shame. The only “principles” they know are expediency, opportunism and pretension.

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