Barack Obama's first present for the Prime Minister -

Barack Obama’s first present for the Prime Minister


Omar Khadr?

Update. Oddly enough, as Kady points out to me in an email, Mr. Harper’s first gift to the new president is the presence, at next week’s inauguration, of Jason Kenney, he of the fighting with Romeo Dallaire over Mr. Khadr’s future and repeating of false assertions about suicide bombers with Down Syndrome.


Barack Obama’s first present for the Prime Minister

  1. If indeed Obama wants to get rid of Khadr I guess that puts us and Harper in the carbird seat doesn’t it? I can see it now Obie – hey Stevie boy I just gotta get rid of this place it gives us a bad name please tawe Omar : response : Sure thing Obie … tell you what I could use recognition of the law of the Sea Treaty so hmmmm maybe we can work something out – you never know! Next thing you know some speech starting like well since everyone seems to want this guy back home here waddya say folks = welcome back Khadr (see joke welcome back carter – get it = ROFL LMAO)

    • That’s “Welcome back KOTTER”. Unless you were referring to Jimmy Carter? ;)

  2. I can see it now: Air Force 1 has just landed, the wait is almost over. Those assembled – pols, media, groupies – are all a-tingle with anticipation of the official start of President Barack Obama’s first official trip outside the United States.
    The MSM representatives are all addressing their cameras, murmuring stuff about momentous moments and whatnot. The history books will one day reveal that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been combing and re-combing his hair and practicing his handshake for the last four hours.
    Finally, the door to the plane opens, everyone begins to cheer and clap, but wait…it is not President Obama who emerges first, though the face of the man now making his way down the stairs is still one we recognize from TV…
    “Wowee,” offers one talking head, “who could’ve predicted THIS?”

  3. Ah, the keen chess-playing abilities of our prime minister at work once again. By doing nothing long enough, the situation looks as if it will sort itself out.

    No doubt Mr. Harper stands ready to impose this complex strategy on every aspect of his governance.. economics, the environment, social and legal policy, all will benefit from the chess-masters expert execution of the “let’em wait” strategy… except capaigning of course. That’s different.