‘Based on the ’67 border’


Amid all else last week, Israel’s foreign minister called to thank Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and opined publicly that “Canada is a true friend of Israel … It understands that the 1967 borders do not conform to Israel’s security needs and with the current demographic reality.”

But yesterday, Mr. Baird apparently stated the following.

“We support, obviously, that that solution has to be based on the ’67 border, with mutually agreed upon swaps, as President (Barack) Obama said,” Baird said Wednesday.


‘Based on the ’67 border’

  1. I just heard Baird’s statement on the CBC news this AM. A great long awkward pause where he was thinking(?) and rummaging around in his great brain space for just the right words. Curious.

    • Baird doesn’t have Harper’s religious aesthetic.

  2. Very strange indeed.

  3. How many foreign policies does “Canada” have now? it was bad enough when there were 2, one from Ottawa and one from Quebec City, then the other provinces started getting in the act, and now it seems like we have at least two from Ottawa to boot… and remember that line in PMSH’s campaign speech about being proud to finally have a government that said the same things in one part of the country as in another, and at home and abroad? yeah, that was pretty funny.

  4. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Harper is trying to have it both ways on this.

    He always tries to have it both ways.

  5. So that’s 1967 for non-Jewish voters and not 1967 for Jewish voters.  Simple.

  6. Well now that he’s agreed with Obama instead of Harper, I assume it’s carpet time for Baird.

    • Remember what attack dogs can do to carpets.

      • If Harper rips into him, he’ll be peeing on the carpet. LOL

  7. Declaring his support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was one of Joe Clark’s first faux pas as soon to be former prime minister. Now in the world of race to the bottom leadership this kind of flipping and flopping and gum flapping blows over by dinner time.

  8. Bob Rae, not surprisingly, has the whole history of these negotiations down pat. 1967 has always been the subtext of the matter.

    Harper is clearly totally out of step with reality. But it doesn’t really matter. Likud is making complaining noises. Whatever’s on the table, if they walk away, Obama will guarantee Likud’s parasitic hold on Israel’s limbic system.

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