Be afraid -

Be afraid


In the midst of a rather heated exchange with Liberal Mark Holland yesterday, Vic Toews, the Public Safety Minister, offered this.

Mr. Speaker, the kind of prison cities that the Liberals build are for ordinary citizens to be barred in their own homes because they are scared to be out on the streets. Our government believes that it is criminals who should be behind bars and ordinary citizens entitled to walk the streets when they feel like it.


Be afraid

  1. It's as if this government is incapable of producing any other kind of public policy. Building more prisons is apparently all they are able to come up with.

    Hopefully, Harper is done proroguing Parliament for a while and we won't have to deal with them reintroducing the same bills over and over again.

  2. Be Afraid
    of gun toting duck hunters and the religious right!

    • You've got a very valid point

      • Well played, sir!

        • not Sign

  3. Do politicians know the difference between rhetoric and lies? Is there a difference these days?

    • Not when you have Parliamentary Privilege to fall back on. Who needs the truth when you are immune to slander charges.

  4. Toews: Emitter of indigestible codswallop. Please. If there is a god, have it make this sorry excuse for a government go away.

    • I hear that parliamentary staffers are locked in their homes to avoid lecherous cabinet ministers who doth protest too much.

  5. It's a relevant question, Holland is raising. Why do we focus so heavily on petty treet crime when white collar crime, and money laundering in particular, is what fuels organized crime and terrorism?

    We have no end of resources to follow union leaders and peace activists around, but no resources to follow the money. Is that because "respectable" business leaders are involved?

  6. The Liberals want a child on every lawn and a teenager on every corner!

    • But not pot for every chicken …

  7. Mr. Speaker, the kind of prison cities that the Liberals build are for ordinary citizens to be barred in their own homes because they are scared to be out on the streets.

    That's odd, if people were so scared to be out on the streets after 13 years of Liberal rule, how did they manage to muster up the courage to get out and vote for you guys?

  8. With the exception of Halifax, the top 20 cities in Canada for crime are all west of Ontario.
    Why should we heed the advice of western Canadian politicians when it comes to crime prevention?
    They suck at it.

    • I'd look closer than an east-west divide on this one, The interesting thing to me is that most of the Conservatives beating the band for fear of urban crime aren't from Calgary or suburban T.O or Vancouver, but representatives of rural areas like Toews and Garry Breitkreuz., who could stand to confront some of the problems in their own communities rather than create caricatures of rural paradises and urban danger zones.

      Some of the "safest" places in Canada are walkable neighbourhoods close to the downtown. There are some suburbs in my city where I'd watch my back, especially since there isn't anyone else out walking, and I know of rural areas in Canada where I'd check the back window of the pick-ups before dropping in at the local watering hole.

      Preventing crime in any of these places should begin with a realistic understanding of the nature of the problem, but neither that or any coherent policy on prevention seem to be on the Conservative agenda.

      • My nabe is pretty sketchy…but there's always people out on the street, on the porches and tuning up cars that never leave the driveways. It's probably the safest place I've ever lived, just because of the street traffic.

        When I was out in the boonies in small-town my-province, you could go for days without seeing any foor traffic…

  9. When you don't have any policies and don't have the courage to actually make decisions and show leadership, all you have left is fearmongering.

    Ask the government questions about their knowledge and conduct on detainees, you are attacking the troops and unpatriotic.

    Ask the government about the cost of certain Olympic buildings and why a US contractor was used, you are attacking our athletes and undermining the Olympics.

    Ask about what accountability measures will be implemented over unprecedented stimulus spending, you are hindering aid to Canadian unemployed and damaging the recovery.

    Ask about the costs imposed on the provinces by their "tough" on crime bills and why they aren't doing anything to fund the RCMP properly, you are attacking the RCMP.

    And so on and so on and so on and so on.

    Folks, governance is about more than just trying to stay in government.

    • Though I find it interesting that the only party to attack the RCMP were the conservatives, when the RCMP published a report showing how often the long gun registry is used to help them solve crime.

      • No kidding. They also surprised me by referring to the Ass'n of Chiefs of Police as a "cult". Stunning.

        • By "they", are you referring to that one guy who promptly resigned?

  10. Surely only the most diehard CPC fans are going to buy what Toews is selling here. People actually know they are not afraid to leave their homes.

    Toews just sounds shrill and desperate.

    • Only the most diehard CPC fans are pretty much all they need to stay in power though. As pointed out elsewhere (by Wells, I think) the CPC seems to have a hard floor of about 29%. And they'll probably keep that until a challenger on the right rises up to take away those people who "won't vote for socialism!" no matter what the actual facts of the issues are.

  11. So sayeth the man whose hand rocks the cradle.

  12. If there is one standard approach to selling Conservative policy to Canadians it is this: keep telling the same lie until some people (mostly the Conservative base) accept the lie as truth. Not sure if this is working so well for them…

  13. Those mean spirited idealogical liberals! I'm so glad that the Conservatives are taking steps to protect me from the street-roaming gangs of barbarians that rape and pillage my once quiet Forresthill neighbourhood.

    • Let me know when Escape from Moosejaw gets posted on You Tube.

  14. Why not lock up everyone? Then everyone will be safe?

    Such silliness

  15. Just heard Toews on 'As It Happens' (so it must be biased). The man is as assertive as he is evasive. A pure exemplar of Wonderland logic. How did he ever pass the bar? Oh, well, the sun is out in my prison city. For a while, anyway. Time to take the kids to get to get ice cream. Then it's back to the dreary business of hammering out license plates, sewing mail bags and cowering in abject dread.

    • I get the impression that Toews has either concluded — or been told by senior Tory advisors — that there is no limit to which you can push the "tough on crime" button. Unfortunately, polling seems to back that up. I remember from my days when I was active in politics, that's what the long-time pros always told me. They said that crime was the perennial easiest issue for you to push. It's sort of what economists say about gambling, the fact that there seems to be no limit to the demand for it.