Be the change


Romeo Saganash debuts his new column for the Huffington Post.

I am appalled at how Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are eroding respect for Canada’s own laws and the very idea of governance itself. They ignore our international commitments, they undermine respect for our courts here at home, and they refuse to enforce or even accept their own legal obligations to Canadians. Then they call this “strong leadership.” This is how we lost our bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. This is why Canadians are disaffected, distanced from their own government and from their own role in civil society…

There is a better way. We can do much better as a nation. We can work to create a better Canada, for all of us.


Be the change

  1. Huffington Post eh?   Well I guess Topp has the G&M pulpit monopoly.
    Does anyone still care about Canada not having a seat on the United Nations Security Council?
    Ad nauseum NDP diatribe with no concrete game plan.

    • Yes, people still care.

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