Beat 'em, join 'em (II) -

Beat ’em, join ’em (II)


Elizabeth May tweets this way.

Maybe you should wait & see the ad before you cry hypocrisy


Beat ’em, join ’em (II)

  1. Hear, hear. Rumours she has sold her soul, are premature.

  2. What fun is there in that??

  3. Mind you, having a soul in Ottawa seems to be a liability. At the moment, anyway.

  4. Hey Aaron,
    how about a post on Podium-gate?

    While apologizing for dismissing the reporters before dear Iggy could speak, they defended the yanking of the podium because it belongs to the PMO.
    In the next election we should remind them that it is not their podium, but ours*.

    *Canadian People

  5. And since when did they get to order the press around at a non-government event?

  6. At a TEDx event in Victoria, watching a #TED lecture from Cairo. Wael Ghonim, Google exec, talking about Revolution 2.0.
    8:23 PM Mar 2nd via Twitterrific

    So, she's flying to Ottawa for a Monday press conference to reveal her attack ads. Wasn't she just there attending Politics and the Pen before flying back to Victoria? I'd like to see her frequent flyer points.
    Talk about Hypocrisy!

    Ummm, let me take a WILD guess. They are critical of Stephen Harper. And Elizabeth May is front and centre.

  7. And this would different from the other parties – how?

  8. It's not. That's the point.

    "Be the change you want to see in the world.” – a favourite Gandhi quote of many Greens.

    But I'm sure once the writ is dropped she'll take a train somewhere.

  9. Of course, that criticism could also be reversed to ask why the press allowed themselves to be ordered around by PMO staffers at a non-government event.

    My guess is that the press is so used to following the orders of PMO staffers that they just did so out of habit in this instance.

  10. Couldn't they have at least filmed the eviction? There is definitely a backbone problem with the PPG. 6 years of abuse has taken it's toll.

  11. Oh God, why are woman always expected to be saints. Screw that. And she is the leader of a national party – her job requires her to fly a lot.

  12. Yeah where are the Jack Websters of the PPG. Just once i'd like to hear one of them tell the PMO creeps to F'off and do their jobs anyway. It's a bad sign in a democracy when the wide boys aren't even remotely afraid to order the press around.

  13. I wonder if strong women appreciate weak women whining on their behalf?

    Somehow, I doubt it.

  14. It also takes 5 days to get from Ottawa to Victoria. Who's being a little unrealistic Dot?

  15. Can someone please ask the PMO WHY they kicked the press out? What was the purpose? If Harper had already spoken why the hell does the PMO care what the Media is doing?

    The only explanation is they are trying to silence the opposition. Ummm… sounds familiar, i think I've read about this happening in other countries.

    The apology should be shoved where the sun don't shine because that is where it belongs, with all the other crap

    – Hangs hundreds of pictures of himself in his office.
    -Changes the Government of Canada to the Harper Government
    -Silences the Opposition
    -Electoral fraud
    -Parliament is openly disregarded
    -Media is controlled

    I guess its all just a little bit of history repeating

    [youtube sTUIHK7gHRE youtube]

    But seriously, who the hell hangs hundreds of pictures of themselves in there office. 'HINT' it starts with 'Socio' and ends with 'Path' and I'm not joking here, fits to a "T"

  16. Who's whining?

  17. btw, there shouldn't be a comma after "and'. I normally wouldn't say anything, but it's a common tactic among some leftists here to go after people's punctuation instead of their ideas. Given that you don't seem to put forth any ideas, I went after your punctuation.

  18. Should have read the GM first. Apparently the press boys didn't know Ignatieff was going to speak. The really bizarre thing is the libs claim they didn't advertise that fact since they were afraid the PMO would try and block them – which is what happened anyway. Hasn't this happened at least once before, when Ignatieff was slated to speak a Jewish event?

  19. This coming from what appears to be a soulless Liberal party agitator on the Internet. Some people have no shame.

  20. Interesting to see you didn't protest to being called weak. lol

  21. Have you ever been to a political offce before? You'd have a hard time finding one without a large number of pictures. This isn't necessarily a healthful trend but the idea that it's somehow an unique Stephen Harper thing is absurd.

  22. You need to remember that Dot has some kind of personal 'thing' against Elizabeth May. I don't think we've ever discovered why, but Dot closely follows Elizabeth May's movements/comments solely so she can attack them. It's a little creepy in an otherwise fairly sane Dot, but like I say, I don't think we know the issue that caused it, and perhaps that would make all the difference.

  23. Narcissist, I would think. We should just put him into a little room full of mirrors and he could happily spend the rest of his life looking at himself.

  24. You haven't heard about his photo gallery in the H of P? Also google his 2007 Christmas card. Odd enough as a picture, buit as an Xmas card? He seems to like looking at himself.

  25. Hi Kettle, I have someone I would like you to meet

  26. Ah, I gotta love these knee-jerk accusations that some like to throw out at me. When you have nothing else…

    You can like or dislike what I have to say, but I never come on here other than to do just that – have my say. I guess some just don`t have the ability to rebut. Instead, they resort to your kind of nonsense. I guess it`s a compliment of sorts. lol

  27. Sometimes reporters in capital areas become more stenographer than journalist.

  28. Yes indeed – from evenflow's link:

    "…The prime minister's official Christmas card last December portrayed Mr. Harper looking out a living room window adorned with 24 photographs, small to large, of Mr. Harper in various poses.

    When the party last year unveiled its election campaign war room, Mr. Harper stared out from campaign posters on every wall…"

  29. Jeez, Dennis, after your usual hyperbole, that's pretty lame…you're really off your game. I don't really consider myself a "leftist", but how's my punctuation?

  30. You're sounding pretty smug and invincible. What's up with you? Enjoying the latest polls, perhaps?

  31. It does not matter what you consider yourself to be.

    Btw, I believe that the ellipsis are considered to be bad form, even though I do use them myself occasionally. ;-)

  32. Can't help but notice you have an "a " and an 'a ' before and after the 'and'. Don't you find being perfect is a biatch? I sure do. Happy trails…

  33. Hit the sauce early on a Saturday night?

  34. Why is May accusing the media of hypocrisy? She first stated attack ads hurt democracy, and now she says she'll release attack ads. How is the media supposed to reconcile these 2 conflicting points of view?

  35. You are.

    Your attempt to protect Elizabeth May by pointing out that "she's a girl," is far more insulting to her than anything Dot said. Ms. May doesn't ask for special treatment based on her gender, I suspect that she would resent your asking for it on her behalf.

  36. PMO Jihadis at work.
    Bob Rae's epithet confirmed. ;0)

  37. Well, it IS now officially The Harper Government, eh?

    Big sick joke on Canada.

  38. I just went to check on something and confirmed an impression.

    This is the "positive" Conservative ad that was recently released. If you watch it you will notice something kind of odd, there is not a single image of another Conservative politician, no voice but Harper's, and not even a mention of the party except for a brief image of the logo at the very end. Talk about your cult of personality.

  39. Quit being so mean, she's a girl.

  40. In Podium-gate, Liberal pointy shoes said Libs were 'afraid' Harper wouldn't 'let' Ign speak.

    Afraid…. how would such a wimp stand up to other world leaders?
    Afraid to say 'no' to Obama and the UN too?

  41. If you're trying to defend/analyse me because you think I'm female, you may be making an unreasonable assumption.

    Why do I constantly question E May's sincerity? For many of the same reasons that other informed individuals do. I think she's a big phony. This partly touches on it.

    Here, go to this website. Report on Greens, and read some of the older blogs and comments.

  42. You think it's lame to go after someone's punctuation? Then we're in agreement, aren't we.

  43. She could just as easily announce the new ads in Victoria. Its all about her personal media attention. All the time. Any time.

    Read her book: How to Save the World in Your Spare Time It's all laid out there.

  44. I think what you're trying to say is that the "and" was preceded by a double quotation mark and followed by a single quotation mark. I suggest that, when trying to come across as smart, you do so by at least being coherent.

  45. Or for backgrounder, this Macleans story:

    Could the queen of green be mean?

    Supporters call Elizabeth May driven, generous and inspirational. But even some in her own party call her duplicitous, a bully and a sellout. Meet Canada's wackiest politician.

    ANNE KINGSTON | October 29, 2007 |

  46. I'm not trying to sound any way. I guess it's just what you must think of me. lol

    Actually, polling has nothing to do with anything I have to say on here, unless we're actually talking about polling.

    Despite the efforts of some agitating and knee-jerk types to suggest otherwise, I have no partisan bone to pick. Just coming from a certain perspective, and I challenge those who come from another perspective that I think is wrong from time to time. To some, that's supposed to be illegal or something.

  47. Hmmm. I do think you are a woman. I don't know why I think this. But is that why I defend/analyze you? I certainly hope not, meaning I hope I would do the same thing if I thought you were a man. But I can't tell for sure, can I?

    Okay, it has always seemed to me to be more personal than what "other informed individuals" think. For example, I truly, truly despise Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister. Which is not to say I hate the man, since I don't even know him. So I don't follow his every movement or go out of my way to read all the press on him or stuff like that.

    Still, if Ms. May is a big phoney, I have to say I'm disappointed, and I guess I'm grateful to you for bringing that to our attention. I shall read the links.

  48. I'll certainly grant Dennis that.. he only comes on to have his say…

    ..Lord knows it's not to listen or learn.

  49. Why do some of you demand that I agree with you? This isn't China, is it?

  50. "ellipsis are considered to be bad form"

    Really? Howcum??

  51. There's no demand you agree. There's a demand that you not be stupid and illogical.

    While it may seem at times that these are the same thing, they're really not.

  52. Can't remember just now…will look it up in my grammar book tomorrow.

  53. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Instead of rebutting even one point I make, you'd prefer to viciously insult me. Why is that? Are your views that weak? Are you so incapable of articulating a point of view? Are my own views that superior to yours? Are you so filled with contempt and hatred for people you disagree with, or with whom you can' keep up? I mean, there has to be some reason why you behave with such hypocrisy and shamelessness, doesn't there? Next.

  54. You keep saying " Next", but then you keep coming back to argue with those you dismiss.

    The word " Next ", I do not think it means what you think it means.

  55. It means next, genius. Move on to the next point, etc.

    Amazing how smart some people claim to be on here, and how stupid some of their points are exposed to be. Maybe that explains some of the hatred. I don't know.

  56. Imagine she was calling Dot a sexist and then reanalyze her comment. It should make a little more sense if you muster the strength to see outside your box.

  57. Yes – LOOK at the press in Egypt/Tunisia/Libya!!! Good grief, they're being attacked, thrown out AND STILL DOING THEIR JOBS!!!

    Canadian press are wimps.


    There's even a fake lake. Lots of portraits that you'll have to salute – in this banned Donald Duck wartime film.

    People wonder how the Nazis could have turned from ordinary Germans into obedient, slave-like Germans. It happened by increments, and by manipulation. BTW, the Reichstag was burned down.

  59. Why should women be excepted from criticism if they deserve it? I think she's a hypocrite and an idiot. I'm a woman.

  60. I can't stand May on sight.

  61. Imagine she was calling Dot a sexist…

    I suppose "imagination" is one possible route to that conclusion. Certainly neither logic nor literacy could get you there.

  62. And you felt a need to tell us that, why, exactly?

  63. hmmmmm……the schoolyard bully….or the smart kid with glasses………you know Wilson I am going with the smart kid this time round

  64. thought it would embed the time: at 47 seconds "The film you did last night was a fine piece of propaganda. It was in the fine tradition of Nazi propaganda"

  65. The literacy deficit is yours. Jan was clearly suggesting that Dot was treating May differently because she's a woman.

  66. Jan was clearly suggesting that Dot was treating May differently because she's a woman. Based on zero evidence.

    Based only on Jan's imagination…
    Which is supported by Andrés imagination…
    Which is supported by you.

    Do any of you strangely linked individuals have anything but imagination to support a claim that Jan apparently pulled, fully-formed, from her hind quarters?

  67. I wasn't commenting on the validity of her assertion. I was commenting on your obvious mischaracterization of it.
    Was that deliberate or could you really not understand the comment?

  68. You need to simplify things lenny.

    What was her assertion?

    How did I mischaracterize it?

    Be brief, but take care to be accurate.

  69. Her assertion was that Dot was applying a different standard to May because May is a woman.
    You characterized Jan's comment as calling for May to be held to a different standard because she's a woman – the opposite of what she was saying.

  70. Of course I haven't rebutted your point. You haven't made one.

  71. Elizabeth May is hardly someone who needs protection. I'm not asking for special treatment – that would be sexist, wouldn't it? I would suggest that the advice/criticism Dot has for the Green party leader would never be given to a male leader. I can't imagine it would, anyway.

  72. You characterized Jan's comment as calling for May to be held to a different standard because she's a woman – the opposite of what she was saying.

    It's not the opposite at all, it's an equivalent restatement of Jan's premise. And while her premise was groundless, my premise was supported by her own stated assumption.

    Jan made a false accusation about Dot, I made a true observation about Jan. The double standard that she misapprehended in Dot's comment was evident in her own comment. That's the very definition of irony.

    Strangely, my initial comment to Jan was one sentence; "I love irony." I changed it, oddly enough, because I thought people would miss my meaning.

    None of this is very complicated but I think you all got a little confused by my initial comment about strong women and weak women. Strong women don't use their gender as an excuse, weak women do. I wasn't judging Elizabeth May, I was commenting on Jan and her knee-jerk reliance on her own double standard. She holds so strongly to that double standard that she perceives it – falsely – as the failing of others.

  73. I'm not asking for special treatment – that would be sexist, wouldn't it?

    Yes it would, and yes you were.

    I would suggest that the advice/criticism Dot has for the Green party leader would never be given to a male leader. I can't imagine it would, anyway.

    Then you haven't been paying much attention to the many, many, many criticisms that all politicians receive for hypocrisy. After dishonesty it's probably the most popular criticism out there.

    And you're also ignoring the very content of Dot's complaint which was that May is not being environmentally friendly. A criticism that is often leveled against other so-called green politicians. Ever hear anybody criticize Al Gore for the size of his house(s)? Ever hear anyone mock the environmental jet-set who have to get together, in their thousands, every year in some tropical locale to once more save the world? Are those people all women? Or are they being criticized – fairly & gender neutrally – on the discrepenacy between their words and their actions?

    Your knee jerked. It's hardly the worst sin in the world, but your defenders seem to be quite insistent that it never happened which tends to make me rather stubborn in insisting that it did. What say you?