Beating around with a brand-new Bush -

Beating around with a brand-new Bush


Jeb ’16: the campaign begins. As Yglesias (who is not fond of Republicans but is, I believe, writing without discernible snark here) points out, the Republicans have not won the White House without a Bush on the ticket since I was six years old. One possible obstacle to the Kennebunkport Medicis’ right resumption of their place at the centre of American life: at 36, Chelsea Clinton will be old enough for her own run.


Beating around with a brand-new Bush

  1. Of course, given the video, my title should have been “Papa’s got a brand-new Bush.” Sigh. Too clever, too late.

    • Heh.

  2. One observation: I don’t believe there will be as much opposition to Chelsea Clinton running as there was for Hillary running. This is mainly because Chelsea will be seen as Bill Clinton’s offspring and therefore the next generation, as opposed to Hillary as Bill Clinton’s spouse and therefore Clinton redux.

  3. Hello? Have we totally discounted the next Bush generation? Jenna AND Barbara would make a nice one-two punch on the Republican ticket.

    Come on, people: we can’t be certain the Repubs will come up with another Sarah Palin on their own, we gotta feed them the ideas that will keep them where they belong (the poorhouse, a rump of an opposition, in jail) for a generation or two. You know, just long enough to undo two terms of W.

  4. Jenna and Barbara Bush will also be the requisite 35 years old in 2016.

  5. Sorry TJ Cook, you beat me too it. Didn’t see your post while I was brilliantly coming up with the same idea.

    • Great minds my friend, great minds.

    • Hmm…that’s going to leave a mark on Obama’s legacy.

    • Not the world — civilization. That means Republicans will win the (2012) election, and of course, that does mean the end.

      • i’m still holding out for Sarah. The Pallin dynasty. Now that is the end of civilization as we know it. No not that. Americans have suffered so much already.

  6. Hmmm….Carolyn Kennedy against Sarah Palin?

  7. May there NEVER be another Bush in the WH. *Shudder*