Because if there’s a group you totally don’t want to kowtow to during an election, it’s Montreal employers


Quebec’s Conseil du Patronat sent a questionnaire to four party leaders (Con, Lib, NDP, BQ). One didn’t answer. Maybe if the CPQ had gotten Peter Mansbridge to ask the questions…


Because if there’s a group you totally don’t want to kowtow to during an election, it’s Montreal employers

  1. I don’t know why the en masse avoidance of the public by Conservative candidates across the country is not news. CBC Radio has done full hour phone-ins for each party, but the onservatives won’t send some one. All candidate debates on poverty go on without Conservative candidates and the national media seem to be unable to interview anyone who is actually running for a seat. All we get is talking points from the BERRY BOYZ.

  2. kenneth: maybe the conservatives don’t show up to poverty debates because they are organized by people who are likely to have called the conservatives nazi bush-hitlers at some point in time (i.e. Linda McQuiag) or by people who are key organizers in the stop harper coalition. These aren’t debates – they’re protests….which was similar to the national leaders debate.

  3. Brian: then why aren’t they showing up to CBC call-ins? Why aren’t they showing up to debates anywhere else in the country?

    It’s maintained by the BC-arm of the federal Liberals, but the citizen-submitted list of CPC candidates who’ve skipped debates is less than heartening.

  4. Also, the Conservatives don’t respond to questionnaires from business groups in provinces where growth potential is high because Quebec entrepreneurs are key organizers in the stop harper coalition. This makes perfect sense if you think about it, while smoking crack.

  5. I just got back from an all candidates debate at my local pub (GREATEST IDEA EVER!!!) in Mississauga Streetsville. The Conservative (er…Liberal…no wait…Conservative) Mr. Kahn did attend but he and all his supporters left literally the minute the cameras (from CTV) were turned off. The other candidates stuck around to mingle with constituents and for follow up interviews. Wajid was like smoke. Hopefully he’ll disappear just as fast after Oct 14!

  6. RyanD – I think he’s got an essay due. It was supposed to be in WAY before now.

  7. Ian- If you are talking about that “Create a Platform to tell the country what your plan is” assignment I think his friends submitted that ne yesterday. Shoddy, last minute work in my opinion but maybe he is studying up on it. Better yet, maybe he is rewriting his resume…

  8. I believe Ian is referring to Mr. Khan’s taxpayer funded “tour of the middle east because he is very qualified to develop Canadian policy not because he switched parties” report. Purportedly, he provided the Conservative government with an assessment so insightful they decided it can not be publicly released.

  9. i was hoping all the positive cpc coverage at the beginning of the election was the media ensuring the cpc could not cry crocodiles about “equal time” … but these bizarre no shows in front of the public and the media and the Bankers Banquet err Bailout appears to be moving things forward.

    even with all that is missing from coverae of the election (obstruction manual, coast to coast coverage of what ex-CPC candidates said about In and Out, RCMP/CPC connections, etc) this latest snub by the CPC is mind-boggling in it’s inanity – totally out of touch with anything tey do not already “know”.

    They thought they were ordained by God like their god-buddies Bush, Blair and Howard.

    With everything unravelling around them unbeknownst to themselves, one wonders if they are not fearing for their lives as they realize the God they pray to has forsaken them. Or is a total lie, as maybe their entire lives have been – a lie.

    Leaving only one conclusion – they are damned and hated in God eyes – they are wrong and were wrong all along and so now are neutered and without will or way or a win.

    No wonder they cannot show up to debates.

  10. According to Jack Tennant here:


    “…I know the federal Conservatives are adamant that if the media requests an interview with a local candidate that they be notified at once.
    The local folks are then questioned about what the interview might be about, as if they know the thinking of a journalist.
    Then so-called talking points are offered, which really means just follow the official party line and we’ll all be fine….”

  11. Yeah, but that’s the thing, they don’t conclude that at all. I’m not speaking here about Harper or the Conservatives–I really don’t think they’re like Bush & Co, they’re just more Bush & Co-like than the other parties running. The way a cat is more like a dog than a transport truck.

    I know he hasn’t left office yet, but seriously, Bush has got to immediately take the “Worst President in the History of Ever” (and any country). Yet his ‘base’ still doesn’t see that he’s completely destroyed the America that was, they still don’t understand that the cause of his irresponsible decisions resulted in the effects of massive debt, world-wide credit meltdown, wars that can’t be won but do a pretty fine job of killing young Americans, and a world they once were leaders of now openly disliking/distrusting them. It will take years and years for the U.S.A. to recover from this Presidency (and I don’t think they’ll ever regain their once proud glory) but Bush and his supporters honestly don’t see that he’s followed bad policy.

  12. greenspan will go down as a worse public official than bush.

  13. Don’t forget Taft! He was pretty damn horrible!

  14. Brian:

    Is it your opinion then that there is no obligation for politicians to appear before people who do not agree with them? This would encourage interest group politics, wouldn’t it?

    I don’t know if you were familiar with the event I was refering to, but he all-candidates debate on poverty in Ottawa could not fairly be characterized as a protest. It was a moderated debate in the familiar format. I agree that people who are interested in poverty debates generally think the Conservatives are doing a bad job. Does that mean they don’t have a reasonable expectation of putting their questions to the candidates running to represent them?

  15. I don’t know if this is off topic — please accept my apologies if it is. I’m concerned because I’ve heard at least 3 Conservative candidates threaten that if people didn’t vote for them, then there would be no goodies to be had for that riding. I can’t remember the names of the candidates with the exception of Mr. Blackburn. I guess that’s what the CPC means when they say they govern for all Canadians (the sub-text being that they govern for all Canadians that vote for the CPC party).

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