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‘Because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda’


Sun News digs up some rather inflammatory remarks made by Justin Trudeau in November 2010.

“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work,” Trudeau said in French to interviewer Patrick Lagace on the Tele-Quebec program Les francs-tireurs (The Straight Shooters).

Lagace then asked Trudeau if he thought Canada was “better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?” Trudeau replied: “I’m a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec… This country – Canada – it belongs to us.”

Here is the full interview. And here is a clip from that interview of Mr. Trudeau falling down a flight of stairs.


‘Because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda’

    • You are in agreement with him when he says his leadership bid is all about bringing this country together, or……do you agree with him when he says the above?

      • You here to flog your book again?

        • Book?


        • Can’t find an answer to: Book? Again? Accusations but never any back-up. Way to go EmilyOne.

          • You could google your name.

          • what does googling my name have to do with doing some flogging on this site?

          • Well you’re not here to talk politics, or even sense, so I assume you’re flogging the book….the part you haven’t googled

            In any case, don’t waste my time will silliness….go bore someone else.

          • What part I haven’t googled?

            Now wait a minute: are you trying to Trudeau-trick me?

            EmilyOne said:”You here to flog your book again?” (see above)

            Where was/is the flogging? Where is the ‘again’?

            Why are you imitating Justin with such silly none-answers to my question?

            Don’t hold me responsible for scenarios you’ve invented.

          • Bye bye Francien….

          • EmilyOne thinks she has the right to walk away after falsely accusing someone – me in this case. Way to go girl. I’m not surprised. It has become so much you.

      • SH has said the same boiler plate everywhere he’s gone. He’s also said some pretty nasty stuff about Quebec politicians too.

        I agree, it’s low politics on both their parts.

  1. Ouch that hurts.

    But someone had better check the transcript as there has been rather a rash of omissions of context lately [ not say’n that Sun would stoop to such tactics]

    And i guess we wont hold our breath while Sun checks to see what one SH [ or any possible CPC leadership candidate] has ever said to his/her own province about the despotism of Quebec PMs and QC based political parties.

    • and so if examples of others having said something similar can be found, that would make it excusable for JT to have said so??

      • No, as i said so clearly on the other post to you.Both [it appears] were playing low poliitcs at their respective time. Or don’t you agree that’s what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?

        • You say:”But someone had better check the transcript as there has been rather a
          rash of omissions of context lately [ not say’n that Sun would stoop to
          such tactics]”

          I’ve never seen you use such a caution statement in reference to Harper, for instance when he has been quoted from the past. Just sayin’.

          • Er…because i don’t trust Sun as a news source…could that be a reason?

          • Because you don’t like paying attention to facts that you find to be inconvenient?

          • Really OB? You tell me you take everything at face value Sun media says. My point was i’ll wait to a respectable news source like macleans covers the whole story. I haven’t tried to deny in any of my comments that it looks like he said what he said. I’m always sceptical of a Sun story – you should be too.
            Anyway it’s pretty clear now they got this one right. I wonder who gave them the tape so conveniently on the eve of the Calgary by election, right after McGuinty’s remarks?

    • So you would prefer to dismiss this, because “it was dug up by Sun Media and MAY be out of context,” (it isn’t the link to the video and transcripts of it are published already, the “context” was Justin Trudeau cozying up to the french journalist doing the interview, being all “buddy buddy” because he’s francophone and of course they can connect…) and it’s “unlikely Sun would look for a similar Harper gaffe” -correct?

      Interesting perspective. In order to win a political point, you would require your opponents to do your homework and background checking, for both sides -but have no such requirement if it was the CBC (or Elections Canada, for that matter) taking sides against the Conservatives?? Interesting indeed.

      • I separated the two points, because they are two separate points. No i don’t expect Sun to dig up something to provide balance in Harper’s past. You drew that inference all you little ownsome. The Sun has made its point. Mine is don’t ever expect Sun tv to look for anything that might cast Harper in a similar light, no matter how much effort it took. They simply aren’t a credible news source – their ratings reflect that.

    • Nothing missing. Listening to the whole thing is rather enlightening. He considers Alberta a threat to overcome as Quebec culture conquers Canada.


      • I haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing yet. I’ll make my own mind up thanks.

        • I look forward to hearing your comment once you have heard it.

          • Too painful for kmc2 to listen to the whole thing (again?).

          • Actually i have heard the excerpt. Have you listened to the whole interview? Man it’s amazing how far some one will look for a point of disagreement in a loaded debate. .

        • Wow. 7 Comments about something you haven’t bothered to listen to. Seems you’ve made up you’re own mind without any information or evidence necessary. Very impressive!

          • I’ve heard exactly what you have, what’s been released. I’m assuming there’s a full interview – have you watched it all before making up your mind?[ what there is to make up]I doubt it.

  2. Boy, this internet thing is really unforgiving. Who’d a thunk it way back in November 2010?

  3. Perhaps the rest of Canada should build some sort of firewall around Alberta.

    • Just to be on the safe side you mean. Only if SH [and rob Anders] is on the inside of it though.

      • But we gotta check first if nothing was taken out of context.

        • To clarify, are you suggesting that Anders has been taken out of context at some point in the past?

          • I was talking about the firewall letter taken out of context. Rob Anders is not running to become leader of this country. And yes, I actuall believe it is a possibility that Jack Layton’s death could have been hastened by Mulclair’s impatience. That’s my opinion and I am entitled to it.

          • Thanks for clearing that up for me.

            And we are all entitled to our opinions, that is surely true.

          • And it’s not clear to me how the firewall letter was or is being taken out of context – can you fill me int?

      • For the record, I would never suggest exposing the people of Alberta to a situation in which Rob Anders was in Alberta and unable to leave. There may be many issues on which I disagree with the majority view of the good people of Alberta, but no one deserves such a fate.

    • “Perhaps the rest of Canada should build some sort of firewall around Alberta (but not those sweet, sweet transfer payments amirite?)”

      Anyhow, an Excellent Idea!

      Saskatchewan and the BC interior too… They’re all culturally birds of a feather.

      Those anti-Gaia-polluting, hate mongering, free market loving, x-tian whacko’s with all their filthy lucre, should be herded into camps where they’ll be properly reeducated using editorials from the Toronto Star and Bruce Cockburn cd’s.
      That’ll teach ’em for being moderately better off than us financially, and for having slightly different opinions.

      • First, you did get my sarcastic irony, right?

        Second, wrt the transfer payments, point kinda taken.

        If I were living in Quebec I’d be a little embarrassed by the equalization program.

        As I live in Ontario, many people seem to THINK that I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. Of course, it SOUNDS bad that Ontario has recently been taking about $3 billion a year out of the equalization pot, but what people outside of Ontario tend to gloss over is the fact that Ontarians put about $6 billion a year IN to the equalization pot.

  4. Many comments here agree with Mr. Trudeau’s views and issues with Stephen Harpers government as proof. Please keep in mind that Stephen Harper does not speak for all Albertans. Some of us here in Alberta believe him to be the worst thing to happen to Canada as well as the worst thing to happen to Alberta. I am embarrassed to be grouped in the same category as him quite frankly. Trust me that there are many progressive minded Albertans who are finding their voices, realizing that their votes might actually count these days and some old school Conservative supporters who are fed up with the Harper government’s lack of ethics, honesty and blind greed. Some of us are proud Canadian citizens and would like to see our government representatives reflect some broader views that benefit the real future of Alberta and a prosperous, healthy and safe future for Canada. With so many Albertans disillusioned and looking for alternatives to Conservative representation I find it disheartening that Mr. Trudeau would throw our potential support away with such a broad brushed insult to my entire province. I am sure many Liberal candidates hoping to run for seats in Alberta during the next election are cringing right now. He just further split the left vote in Alberta, potentially securing the Conservatives another round of victories.

    • Yup, it’s tough. I can tell from experience how tough it was when the right was split in two and Chretien kept winning and winning victories because the right split the vote. But then again, the right reunited and voila! now we have many Canadians who like Harper. The same might happen to the left. They too might find it useful to put differences off to the side and unite. Who knows, even E.May may want to join in. Has anyone asked her? Well, why don’t you ask her? You never know, eh!

    • Like or hate Harper, there is no doubt the politics of division are alive and well in the Liberal Party of Canada. “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work” -I’m not sure how you could take that other than to confirm his thoughts mimic those shared by Chretien during the 1993 campaign when he said he doesn’t like the politics of Alberta, nor the way we do business.

      I thought the Liberals were all about Hope and Change, versus “same old same old”? This would indicate that isn’t the case – MAYBE if Martha Hall Findlay takes the helm, but Trudeau is a chip off the old block -and the NEP is a pretty clear indicator of how that family values Alberta as a member of Canada.

  5. I suppose we could sit back and pretend the Harrisite holdovers
    aren’t hangin’ around being jerks. It’s all so much easier that way.

  6. Are we sure it’s a capital L on Liberal? Because if he means “liberal”, well, yeah, leaders from Alberta have had worse policy than leaders from Quebec. (Although a guy elsewhere here rightly points out not all Albertans are so-cons or even harper supporters).

    • Interesting.

  7. Liberals hate Alberta. They always have. Why would Justin be any different?

    • Now, now. Liberals don’t hate Alberta. They hate Albertans.

      No. Wait….

  8. Ooooohhh.

    Well, that should make a few LPC leadership voters think twice.

    • Yeah he could really be a detriment in keeping those 0 zero seats in Alberta.

      • Can you elaborate?

  9. I am intrigued by the comment that Albertans control our community and socio-democratic agenda. To what extent do they, in fact, do that through their oil money? And what if the infamous “Dutch Disease”?
    I’m not saying Trudeau is wrong or right; I’m saying we need to give his thoughts more than shallow consideration.

  10. Well trudeau…..

    Showing your true colors again hey ?
    How about them transfer payments to your precious Quebec ?
    How broke is Quebec ?

    Ahhh thats rite , they couldent manage a hot dog stands finances…….