Because you know you want to be asked…


Write-in candidates welcome in the comment space below.

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Because you know you want to be asked…

  1. The names are presented in random order each time the poll loads. I warned you guys about your conspiracy theories…

  2. This site is suffering from increased traffic due to the amount of conservatives hooking up and voting for Stephanie!

  3. I think Iggy is the one to return the Libs to power but as someone who wants to see the Libs continue their downward spiral I hope and pray for Trudeau.

  4. Wayne, it would have worked if you hadn’t spilled the beans.

  5. What about Stompin’ Tom?

  6. Kennedy, I think. His Parkdale—High Park win over Madame Nash was pretty impressive, non?

  7. Interesting point by JWL. If Justin took over, would an election be a referendum on his father’s energy policies? A someone too young to remember the details on it, I’m interested in any opinions you may have on that.

  8. Its WAY too easy to impute motive to those voting for Ruby.

  9. Maurizio Bevilacqua. He’s liked by business types (helps with fundraising), has a good party machine locally, socially liberal/fiscally conservative, etc.

    Plus: It’s a fun name to say.

    Plus plus: It’s well past the time that Canada had an immigrant story that led to 24 Sussex.

  10. Let the David Branconnier bandwagon start here!

  11. In order of preference:
    1. Dion
    2. Kennedy
    3. Trudeau

    I joined the Liberal party because of Dion is the guy lead the country.

  12. Jack M

    Now you are talking, I would vote for any party if they had Stompin’ Tom as leader.


    I think Trudeau is a jumped-up clown and would bring ruin to the party. I am sure there would be some out West who would think it was NEP referendum if Justin became leader but there are many, many reasons why Trudeau would be bad selection.

  13. My God what a depressing choice.

    They all make Paul Martin look like Jean Chretien.

  14. For the record I am an unreconstructed Dionista and believe M. Dion deserves another shot just as other Opposition Leaders have had. If the same rule applied then we would have had no Laurier, no Pearson. Neither Harris, nor McGuinty nor Charest would have become Premier of their provinces.

  15. “Plus plus: It’s well past the time that Canada had an immigrant story that led to 24 Sussex.”

    FYI, our first PM was a Scottish immigrant.

  16. I vote Stompin’ Tom also.

  17. I think Judy Sgro has got the right idea:

    “Frankly, I’d like to see the main contenders go in a room, flip a coin and come out and say this is who our leader is.”

    But I would suggest paper/rock/scissors, not flipping coin, because that would allow for more contestants.

  18. The problem with Dion is that he ran a disastrous campaign, mangled his policy platform alienated much of his party and then blamed his defeat soley on ‘negative advertising’ with no mea culpa’s He simply doesn’t get it.

    Of course, seeing this list of other leaders goes to show how shallow the Liberal talent pool has become. The Lib’s need a decade in the wilderness why the new generation of leaders like Dhalla, Trudeau and LeBlanc build up their political resumes (unless of course, one of them is able to pull off an Obama and win over the country in the next 6 months – unlikely given the slow start to date)

  19. Can we please have more than one candidate on the ballot who is not from Toronto or Montreal? Someone that may actually know something about life beyond our big cities. Like maybe Goodale?

  20. Voter #111 gives Martin Cauchon his first vote! YEAH, BABY! Time for some Cau-mentum!!!!

  21. Yolande James.


  22. Paul, I thought you said you were going to avoid exactly this sort of thing until after Christmas.

  23. I’m not change you can believe in.

  24. When Kinky Friedman ran for Governor of Texas, he had bumper stickers that said “My Governor is a Jewish Cowboy”.

    Can we start something like that here? I’ll start things off with an admittedly weak entry:

    My Prime Minister is an ex-socialist Premier.

  25. When in the last 50 years has a Prime Minister been elected from a GTA riding?

    Unless someone can correct me, the only PM since 1900 who has been elected from a Toronto area riding is Mackeinze-King who later represented a SK riding.

    So I’d pose the inverse question – aren’t we due to have a PM representing Canada’s largest city?

  26. Then add David McGuinty while you’re at it.

  27. i would also like to vote for stompin’ tom. BUT if given the choice, it would have to be iggy. i have this strange confidence in him despite his glaring flaws.

  28. Oh hell. I knew I forgot someone.

  29. I didn’t vote for Dion in the election but I still think he is better than the other choices on that list. At least the guy comes off as honest and somewhat likeable and wasn’t a huge fan of the Iraq war. If Dion started championing PR and actually worked towards implementing it I’d consider voting Liberal which is more than I can say about the others outside of Cauchon.

  30. I hear Lorne Calvert is looking for work..

  31. As follow-up to my Toronto comment, I would rather have an MP from the moon as PM than Bob Rae. Didn’t do such a great job here in Ontario.

  32. Whether I look though that list seriously or for humour, I just can’t see anyone worth clicking on.

    Now if you had put Andrew Telegdi on the list I could have giggled for a while…

  33. Scott B.

    What’s your problem with martians? You’re a spacist.

  34. Although, I suppose an MP from the moon wouldn’t be a “martian”. God I can be stupid sometimes*.

    * usually

  35. “You mustn’t vote for other people!”

  36. Dryden?

    Seriously as a Hab god he sews up Montreal as a former Leafs president he sews up Toronto and if he can bring those two groups together he can heal all our national rifts.

    But seriously for a second, how about a guy who is likeable, bilingual and by all accounts a very smart and talented man?

    Who negotiated a major deal with almost all the provinces (childcare) and comes with absolutely no baggage unlike Iggy, Rae or Trudeau.

  37. sbt,

    Kennedy may represent a Toronto riding, but I think his 18 years spent growing up in The Pas, Manitoba, and than school in Winnipeg, Edmonton and later founder of Alberta and Canada’s first foodbank gives him a better understanding of the West than anyone else on that list.

    Tis a shame he fought the hard fight and won his seat in Toronto. His leadership hopes would look pretty good if he came home and ran in Churchill, or in Winnipeg South or one of the Edmonton seats that the Liberals used to hold.

    But is Kennedy even running? I really hope someone who knows something about the West runs for leadership. Iggy has spent more time in Kurdistan the past 30 years than he has in Western Canada and while we elect NDP premiers out here, they are not modeled on the Bob Rae persona.

  38. Ron MacLean 4 life, yo. Imagine him at the G8:

    Ron: Education is important. I’m sure you understand that in Germany with all your little brat-wursts.
    German translator: (in German) The Canadian prime minister says all our children are pork sausages and deserve to be eaten.
    German chancellor: On this we can agree with our Canadian friends! Ha ha ha.

    But more seriously, I can’t vote for any name on that list. My first and second choices were Manley and McKenna. If Ignatieff becomes Prime Minister I swear I’m moving to … I don’t know where. Americans move here when the government sucks, so where do we move?

  39. Let me make a serious case for Stompin’ Tom, who, though somewhat aged (only slightly younger than John McCain) and perhaps (?) not very bilingual, would, I believe, make a great PM.

    1. He is well-known, respected, telegenic, and primeministerial. That goes without saying.

    2. He is a natural leader. He builds consensus, and he knows how to make a decision.

    3. Most importantly, because he is modest and unassuming, his premiership would inevitably restore Cabinet government. Whereas the last, what, 40 years have seen an ever more toxic concentration of power in PMO – Harper’s ministers being little more than muppets – a Stompin’ Tom cabinet would allow each minister not only to operate independently but to do so responsibly. The Minister of Agriculture would again, as in the Golden Age, actually determine agricultural policy instead of merely implementing PMO diktat. And if he/she screwed up royally and the House voted to censure his/her conduct, Stompin’ Tom would be there to gravely but gently ask for his/her resignation.

    4. Stompin’ Tom would take the venom out of politics, because nobody either in Parliament or in the media would attack Stompin’ Tom personally. There’s nothing to attack and anyway it would be electoral suicide to do so. So the whole atmostphere of our politics would be purified.

    So seriously we should start a Facebook page.

  40. Not to mention, how many people in Canada can honestly say they dislike Stompin’ Tom….
    Not to mention he’s a very strong federalist…

  41. Right, totally! Make those #5 and #6.

    It turns out there already is a Stompin’ Tom for Prime Minister Facebook group. 123 members right now, but more comin’!

  42. Nazanin Jam!
    or how about Robert Bateman?

  43. You make some good points, Jack.

    And besides, Don Messer is dead.

  44. What’s Jag Bhaduria doing these days?

  45. JWL says:
    I think Judy Sgro has got the right idea:
    “Frankly, I’d like to see the main contenders go in a room, flip a coin and come out and say this is who our leader is.”
    But I would suggest paper/rock/scissors, not flipping coin, because that would allow for more contestants.

    MYL says:
    “More contestants” has nothing to do with it. The Liberals just can’t afford the coin.

  46. CBC reporting that THIRTY-SIX (!) Liberal candidates failed to achieve 10% of the votes in their riding, leading to another “penalty” by losing out on the (theft of taxpayer sweepstakes) federal promotion of democracy subsidy of serious candidates’ expenses (the slush fund that led to the Tories in-and-out issues with Elections Canada last time).

    Wow. 11.7% of candidates from the Natural Governing Party didn’t even scratch out 10% of votes. That has got to be an all-time futility record for them.

    So indeed, rock-paper-scissors it is. No coin available to toss, jwl.

  47. “Don’t count on us to keep this Parliament functional,” said Dion.

    Hoo, boy. The attack ad writes itself. Obviously Dion meant that the Tories should not expect to get away with impossible-to-support legislation just because they expect the Liberals are too scared to bring down the House. But just look at how he said it.

  48. I haven’t quite figured out this new technology.

    How do you easily tell how the poll changes from day to day? Or changes in three day averages over time?

    And what about the mid-week Iggy bounce…?

  49. Arnold Ziffel

    1) Really smart

    2) Can win back the rural vote for the party

    3) Looks good without lipstick or other makeup

  50. I object to Iggy-bouncing on grounds of basic human decency.

  51. Seems like an easy way to see if he is resilient.

  52. Olaf – calling me a spacist.

    Well done.

  53. The rural vote will always be the natural habitat for the CPC. Yes, the LPC might be able to steal seats with vote-splitting with NDP in rural areas, but to consistently beat the CPC in rural areas would involve the CPC seriously screwing up.

  54. Let’s decide it by an arm wrestling tournament.

  55. Wow. I floated the name of a rising-star young Cabinet Minister from Quebec, and nobody bit. I’m deeply wounded. ;)

    Since it seems safe to float semi-serious ideas here without consequence, here’s another one: Alan DeSousa, Mayor of the Montreal Island Burough of Ville Saint-Laurent and member of the Montreal Exec Committee responsible for sustainable development and economic development.

  56. I vote for Franz Anyonebutiggy

  57. Okay d. andy jette, I’ll bite. I didn’t like the fact that she handed out only Québec flags at a Citizenship ceremony.

    As stated in an earlier post I remain a Dion supporter but if no longer possible then:

    1 – Martha
    2 – David McG

    Dark Horse

    David Branconnier – successful Mayor of Calgary, from the West, would bring together economy (oil and gas) and environment.

  58. Fair enough. I’ll suggest in response that, as the Minister responsible for implementing items relating to Bouchard-Taylor, she’s done a respectable job of keeping the file from having an even nastier second go-’round. I’d note further that for the most part the official QC responses post-Bouchard/Taylor (even the goofy Quebec values pledge form) have been markedly tamer than what the Mario Dumont’s of the world were calling for this time last year.

  59. I don’t know about leader (yet) but in the end both Ms. James and Mr. DeSousa would be terrific “gets” as candidates.

  60. And for the record, I was a Dion fan as well. Given the winds blowing as they are, however, I’m trying to imagine genuinely different types of politicians for the role. I’m looking for a clean breakaway from the bovine byproduct of the past 5 years….but frankly, I’m turned off by this notion that the “generational” change that people call for when they tout Justin or Dom LeBlanc as leaders can actually come merely from picking somebody born after 1960.

  61. Hey, I was born after 1960, je suis parfaitement bilingue and my parents are from another country. Pick me! Pick me!

  62. My point exactly.

    2 questions. First, why 1960? and second, what the hell will do as torch bearer of a new generation besides being younger than Iggy?

  63. Marlene Jennings?

  64. How about Irwin Cotler?

  65. My preferences:

    1) Dion
    2) Kennedy
    3) Trudeau.

    Not Rae please. Pretty please.

  66. I like Ken Dryden. I don’t think he or any other leader can lead the Liberal party to an election victory in the near future, but I think he would leave the party in better shape than anyone else.

  67. I hope that Dion gets it again. Harper creamed him this time and will cream him even harder next time which will be a great thing for Canada!

  68. Brian Tobin – NOT from Ontario NOT from Quebec – able to speak both French and English to be understood!!! Let’s try someone from more east!

  69. I really think we need to get the people involved like Obama has in the USA. Whoever engages the hearts of Canadians through responsible dialogue and involvement together with some inspired leadership and direction will get my vote.

  70. Sorry all you eastern,liberal folk.There is not a single person on your list of candidates that would have a chance out here in the west……B.C.,Alberta and Sask.
    The liberal brand is toast out here.

  71. If Tim could offer up anyone who would not be pre-toasted in them thar parts…?

  72. David McGuinty !!

  73. Since Frank McKenna has bowed out my only choice would be Elizabeth May.
    Note to Ms. May – PLEASE join the Liberal party !!!!!

  74. Sorry, but no one is even remotely admissible. Our gene pool is too small and even if it were not, it would take at least five years to groom a suitable candidate. The prospect of an extended Harper rule is perhaps unfortunate but unavoidable.

  75. Unfortunately, the people of Canada are much the same as the people in the USA, in that they are, for the most part, unconcerned with such trivialities as “human rights”, “taxation without representation”, “The Charter of Rights And Freedoms” and “The COnstitution Act of Canada.”

    As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Canadians don’t even know we HAVE a Constitution!!!

    How can Canadians honestly be expected to understand what we’re voting for, when we don’t even understand how our country operates, why it was formed, of what we are at desperate risk of losing TODAY while we continue to play the “see-saw voting method” consisting entirely of “Well, party 1 screwed us, so now we’re going to vote in party 2…OK party 2 screwed us, so now we’re voting in Party 1 again…THAT’LL show THEM!!! Whoops…ok, that time it hurt…so this time we’re voting in Party 2 again!”

    It’s been said that the surest sign of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and expecting a different outcome each time.

    Is Canada, as a whole, completely insane? Perhaps we’re just too busy with our (scripted and professionally edited) “Reality” shows, or reruns of (the brightest light of modern-day intellectual entertainment) “Jerry Springer” and his latest family saga?

    If people don’t wake up and start to understand what they’re voting for, and how those votes affect the people over the long term, they will continue to lose on all fronts.

    We have no gold resereves any longer. Our currency is backed by the same “high-grade air” that the US dollar is, and you see what that is doing both there AND here. February 14th, 2008, Stephen Harper signed a totally unpublicied “deal” with George W. Bush to allow free access between our military and the US military across eachother’s borders…they cna let us know whenever they’re done if they came in…for whatever reason…and the US now has active-duty troops fresh from Iraq ready to skip across the border at a moment’s notice. What do you feel the risk is to the USA of having all three of our Sea King’s even making it across the Detroit River, let alone mounting an attack on THEM?

    People see their cute little credit cards and bank cards and passports and debit cards with those nifty little RFID chips in them, and they don’t think for a second about that that MEANS!!! If you’re on vacation, a criminal could easily sit at the airport and scan you as you wal by, getting your bank information, personal information, credit card information, and potentially driver’s lives information, all in a single second…and COMPLETELY WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT….yet all the companies issuing these “chipcards” will tell you it’s 100% safe!

    If people don’t start to stand up and THINK FOR THEMSELVES in very short order, there’s no telling how much further these bouts of sheer and unbridled idiocy will continue….and until we collectively THINK about what is happening to and around us, we won’t have sense enough to even start to fight back until it’s too late to change anything.

    PS: The gun registry has been a complete success! The criminals have the same number of weapons they had before the ban, honest citizens have far fewer. Honest citizens have registered their weapons, and criminals–who the laws are ALLEGED to target–have not. Check out the facts for ALL HISTORICAL GUN REGISTRIES IN HISTORY, and then you will understand what the true agenda really is…take a special look at Australia’s rise in ALL CRIME RATES after only 1 year of their “successful” gun registry/ban procedure…all “said” to help the people…


  76. Hmmmm… I just don’t think that Ignatieff would be popular enough outside Ontario. He’s certainly not popular with me but that is an intuitive female thing, I think.
    Surely the Liberal Party can’t and won’t give up on the Green Shift which is NOT a punitive tax, but rather a financial reward system. And who is more passionate about it than M. Dion? I voted for Dion ~ he just needs to be able to suck back and reload.
    So, send your $$$ in to support the Liberal party, guys. Even $10 helps! I’m sure they can do this if they have decent resources.
    I agree with Clarence S. of Nov. 6 and also, I agree with Janet of Nov. 11: Elizabeth May MUST join the Liberal Party! It works on SO MANY LEVELS! Cathy

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