Behind the orange juice


In an exit interview with the CBC, Bev Oda explains why she ordered that expensive glass of orange juice and concedes she maybe shouldn’t have expensed it.

In an interview Tuesday with CBC’s Power and Politics, Oda said she had no regrets about ordering the juice, although she acknowledged that she should not have billed taxpayers for it. “I arrived in London, it was very late, I was working on a speech I was to give the next morning,” she said. “But you know, that cost of the orange juice was not maybe the appropriate expense for the government to pay. I have repaid that cost and I have apologized for it.”

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Behind the orange juice

  1. What about the smoking in her office? They should fine her for every day she was in the office, or throw her in jail.

    • Or we could do something about serious money….like cancelling the F-35s.

      • Yeah, lets gut the Armed Forces again. They don’t need reliable equipment.

        • I don’t wear skirts, sport….so stop trying to hide behind them.

          And Canada doesn’t need any F-35s. They’re obsolete.

  2. She’s right. Given how she had already traded away all her principles and credibility during her previous exploits, the $16 orange juice was the biggie.

  3. Conservative Cabinet minister Bev Oda is retiring with serious questions unanswered that must be fully investigated.

    When politicians in the UK, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador filed false expense claims, they were investigated by the Auditor General and police, and prosecuted and penalized after public court cases.

    But Ms. Oda gets to return the money she took from taxpayers in secret without a full accounting, let alone an investigation by the RCMP and Crown prosecutors, and retires with a gold-plated pension.

    And the federal Auditor General’s office is still refusing to fully audit all federal politicians’ and political staff expense claims.

    There’s lots of smoke in this situation — why are the good government watchdogs not doing their jobs properly and looking for the fires that likely exist, and ensuring they are stamped out?

    Hope this helps,
    Duff Conacher, Founding Director of http://DemocracyWatch.ca

    • Is there any evidence that this was a ‘false’ expense claim?

  4. She forgot the words “Once caught”…

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