Behold, the politics of the future


One day, all political debate will be conducted through passive aggressive Facebook status updates. To wit.

Michael Ignatieff is thrilled to be talking with Liberals from across Ontario at the LPCO Leadership Forum. (Posted two hours ago)

Bob Rae is sorry the debate wasn’t open and hopes all the rest will be. (Posted 18 minutes ago)

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Behold, the politics of the future

  1. without question Rae could have handled this thing better at the outset…. but isn’t his position pretty legit, as positions go? either way, is holding and publicizing a position necessarily to be interpreted as passive aggressive or too combative or whatever other criticism, has been cast/is to come?

    i have not horse in this race (not a big fan at this point of either of the two main contenders), but I am def not a fan of the lesson of the last 2yrs being ‘don;t say anything’.

  2. If you want to win, it is probably better to be thrilled than sorry.

    More seriously, I would guess Rae has some serious work to do with the Ontario part of the Liberal Party. People are involved in organizing and attending these things, and boycotting is a poor way to thank them and make them want to work with you.

  3. So much for a two horse race. This was a serious coming out for Leblanc, made possible only by the unbelievably juvenile actions of the others.

    Actually, come to think of it, maybe it IS a two horse race…

  4. yeah that was all his idea. or maybe it belongs to optimus prime.

  5. Katie, it’s not facebook. it’s twitter. Twitters also can show up as Facebook status messages.

  6. First it was the NDP that excluded the media, then the Conservatives and now the LIberals. Very interesting!!

  7. It’s a little facetious to compare the Conservative Party policy workshops to this, it’s completely different. Not as silly, of course, as Rae’s strategy on this. I hope this was the result of a member of his team that will promptly be fired.

  8. Also, who’s Katie?

  9. ..and – Harper wins again. Well done Bob.

  10. Let’s hope some scrutiny is applied to ‘Canada’s party.’ The media accept, carte blanche, what the CPC war-room spits out.
    And, Kady, why so accepting of Don Martin keeping Jay Hill’s ‘manual of dirty tricks’ under rap.
    The LPC is asked to be very transparent.
    The CPC, NDP, and media fellows are left off the hood.
    Interesting cloud over the Queensway.

  11. Catherine: You know, Don made his decision not to release the leaked document, and that’s his right, as frustrating as it may be to the rest of us; I’m sure he has his reasons. I can tell you this, though — if ITQ were to come into possession of the dirty tricks manual, it would be up at macleans.ca so fast your head would spin, which might be why it hasn’t — at least, not yet. Hope springs eternal!

    There are a lot of Hill reporters who make every effort to hold Stephen Harper’s government to account through Access to Information requests and other tactics for getting the story they don’t seem to want to tell us up front; it’s a little different, however, when it comes to political parties, which are not covered by the same disclosure requirements. I think it’s safe to say that the fact that Friday’s workshops were off limits to the media was fairly widely debated and discussed in the press, and dominated coverage of the convention in the Saturday papers. The editorial (and blogertorial) response to the Rae/Ignatieff dustup has been far more mixed, although I’d agree that never before in the history of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) has it been able to command so much media attention for an executive meeting.

  12. Michael Ignatieff wanted to hear “the awful truth” about the Liberal Party from Ontario constituency Presidents. It does not seem unreasonable to me that such discussions should be held in-camera. There would likely be less than candid commentary if reporters with cameras and recorders were in the room. There is a time to be private and a time to be public.

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