bEKOS he loves you … (35/25/19/10/10)


… Mr. Wells has tomorrow’s Ekos numbers today! Or, considering I’m posting this at 5am, today’s numbers yesterday! Okay, now I’m just confusing myself. Anyway, turns out that for the rest of the campaign, what was our morning shot of sweet, lifegiving polleine will be a late night snack, so feel free to adjust your schedule accordingly — and we’ll always have Nanos. At least, until the blackout period begins.


bEKOS he loves you … (35/25/19/10/10)

  1. ” At least, until the blackout period begins.”

    That’ll be just the 13th, right?

  2. I’ve been trying to figure that out, actually. I think it starts on Sunday night, and extends until polls close on Tuesday, but I’m not positive – and if anyone can decipher that part of the Elections Act, it would be much appreciated!

  3. Final week.

    Where will the polls head?

    Kady, a post of predictions would be fun, I think.

    I’ve been spouting off my predictions for some time now (and taken a beating for it).

    How ’bout the other regulars?

    The winner gets bragging rights.

  4. Sections 326 to 328 govern election surveys in the Act. From what I can decipher, surveys based on recognized statistical methods cannot be transmitted on election day (Oct 14) i.e. the last day for publishing poll results would be the evening of October 13.

    So, Kady, you’ll have at least seven more headlines to think of for Nanos the Great and the Ekosinator.

  5. Kody – Why don’t I wait until, say, Thursday, and open a prediction thread for The Only Poll That Matters? Although I’m thinking that it should be seat counts, not voteshare, since split/strategic voting could produce a whole lot of alternate universe parliaments out of the same 36/30/20/10/9.

  6. Well – with the TSX down 860 and counting – and Afghanistan back on the election board – and Free Trade negotiations with the European Union comspicuously absent from anything coming from the CPC War Room (anyone want to bet it doesn’t get a mention in tomorrow’s platform announcement?)…poor Sweater Boy must be wondering what to drag out of his wardrobe for the next few days…
    anyone want to bet on black three piece suits – oe maybe a black leather vest and Stetson?

  7. Wabbit, TSX is down 1100 and it’s not even noon yet.

  8. Kody, I will be happy to release my seat projection for the upcoming election. Look for it on October 16, in the comments for one of ITQ’s posts that day.

  9. Kady,

    sounds good.

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