‘Bend the rules, you will be punished’


As Bruce Cheadle notes, the in-and-out charges will be pursued by the public prosecutor’s office.

Dan Brien, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, said a team reviewed all the evidence gathered by Elections commissioner William Corbett and decided summary charges, rather than criminal indictments, were the way to proceed. “It’s a Crown decision,” said Brien…

The role of the public prosecutor, an innovation brought in by the Harper government as part of the Accountability Act, is to remove any cloud of political interference from the legal system. “There’s going to be a new code on Parliament Hill,” Harper said as he introduced the public prosecutor model during that hotly contested 2006 election campaign. “Bend the rules, you will be punished; break the law, you will be charged; abuse the public trust, you will go to prison.”


‘Bend the rules, you will be punished’

  1. hahaha bet he didn’t see the future coming, stupid fucker

  2.   ”Bend the rules, you will be punished; break the law, you will be charged; abuse the public trust, you will go to prison.”Well when is Harper going to Prison?

  3. The universal law of you reap what you sow applies to Harper too!   We should sit back and watchit all unfold.  What you put out you get back again. For sure it will be a mecca for scriptwriters.
    Canada is too free for a man like this he will be voted out on his ass!

    • No…clearly “crime pays”. Nobody’s doing anything about it.
      He won’t be “voted out” because nobody votes, and those that do just play a rigged game.

      So WHY do you think there will be any “karma”? It’s never happened before, and the one thing Harper CAN count on is public apathy.

      No, Harper will retire after a 15-20 year stint.

  4. This needs to be policed by the public interest and progressive communities, but it’s not being done. We need to hold Harper and his gang accountable — and protest and demonstrate if justice is not carried out. So far, the progressive community collectively is not doing its job: http://nickfillmore.blogspot.com/2012/03/three-part-series-what-progressive.html

    • Courts simply ignore the law now.

      Nothing will change until blood is spilled…Canadians won’t wake up to that until they start getting rounded up to fill these giant prisons that are springing up (Despite a 30 year low in violent crime).

      Those in Toronto have not noticed the 15 storey prison complex at Kipling and Lakeshore, so they haven’t even thought about what they are FOR.

      Quick Social Science lesson:

      When a country is broke, they become a police state and invade others…germany 1938…U.S NOW…

      We aren’t far behind. Banks got a SECRET bailout here and YOU owe it…they were hoping you didn’t notice.

      We are WEEKS from food riots and nobody has even noticed.

      WHY do you think people will clue in? They never have before!

  5. Nothing but more bullspit from one of the biggest criminals of our time…..Harper you are such a crooked scoundrel, but yet you still get re-elected.

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