Bill Morneau discusses ‘job to job to job’ realities

Finance Minister says Canadians should get used to ‘job churn’

Finance Minister Bill Morneau makes an announcement on housing in Toronto Monday, October 3, 2016. The federal government has announced measures intended to stabilize the real estate sector amid concerns that pockets of risk have emerged in some housing markets, particularly those in Toronto and Vancouver. (Nathan Denette/CP)

Finance Minister Bill Morneau in Toronto Monday, October 3, 2016. (Nathan Denette/CP)

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Canadians should get used to so-called “job churn” _ short-term employment and a number of career changes in a person’s life.

Morneau made the comment on Saturday at a meeting of the federal Liberal Party’s Ontario wing, days before he’s scheduled to deliver a fall economic update.

The remark also comes just three days after the Bank of Canada delivered bad news for the economy, downgrading the country’s growth outlook yet again.

And when asked about precarious employment the finance minister told delegates that high employee turnover and short-term contract work will continue in young people’s lives, and the government has to focus on preparing for it.

“We also need to think about, `How do we train and retrain people as they move from job to job to job?’ Because it’s going to happen. We have to accept that,” Morneau said during a question-and-answer session.

Elsewhere in his presentation, Morneau noted that some people will see their jobs disappear in the years to come _ truck drivers and receptionists, for instance.

Morneau said the government has to look at helping out with the “things underneath” disappearing or precarious work.

He listed the changes to the Canada Pension Plan as an example, calling it “a recognition that people aren’t going to have the same pension benefits” as in generations past.

“Recognizing that we need a way to help people through their career is something that will soften that blow as they think about the long term.”

But his remarks weren’t all doom and gloom.

He told delegates that the “first thing” the Liberals did was reduce taxes for nine million Canadians, and touted the Liberals’ Canada Childcare Benefit as the biggest advancement in Canadian policy since universal health care.

He said the policy — which was among Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises — has been lifting “hundreds of thousands” of Canadians out of poverty.

Trudeau also mentioned the benefit when he spoke at the meeting Friday night, when he said it provided more money to 90 per cent of Canadian families.

“We’re on track to doing what we promised — lifting 300,000 Canadian kids out of poverty,” Trudeau said.



Bill Morneau discusses ‘job to job to job’ realities

  1. My kids were taught this in school years ago……I’m glad the awareness has finally gone mainstream.

    • Shame your kids didn’t tell Justin Trudeau and his minions that before he decided to spend 30 billion dollars on failed ventures to stimulate the economy only now to advise that young Canadians need to get used to ‘short term jobs.”

  2. Meanwhile as people have trouble findings jobs that pay a living wage, Justin Trudeau and John McCallum are increasing the number of immigrants and foreign workers to guarantee ‘affordable wages’ for business.
    It might be a good time to tell the government what you think. You can email immigration minister John McCallum, employment minister Maryann Mihychuk, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at the below email addresses. Other prominent ministers follow. It would also pay to email your local MP.

    John.McCallum@ parl. gc. ca
    MaryAnn.Mihychuk@ parl. gc. ca
    Justin.Trudeau@ parl. gc. ca

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    • Our employment rate is 7%


  3. Those 300,000 kids the government is lifting out of poverty don’t include First Nations kids because their parents don’t file income tax and the child tax credit doesn’t go to anyone who doesn’t file. Also, the government did not fulfill on its promise to provide increased funding for First Nations children’s education. There are being funded approx $1,400 per student while other provincially funding students are being funded $2,700.00. In this magazine is reported the very high rates of domestic violence on reserves including sexual assault against women and children and very high suicide rates in young children. Then they wonder why women and men are disappearing off the reserve and living very high risk lives and coming to bad ends. Meanwhile a reserve in southern BC is being investigated because one family received 4.2 million dollars over 4 years while the members lived in poverty and our PM has decided audits aren’t necessary. This government pretends to put first nations first and their partisans will cheer lead them no matter how much they fail to deliver on their promises. Now they have brought 25 million Syrians and not provided them with proper language classes so they have little or no opportunity to get employment. Dion has chastised the Russians over Syria but with little effect. Now they are making excuses for jobs they promised that they can’t deliver on. They are somewhat like cell phone companies with touch disease and exploding batteries, some of whom refuse to provide any customer service despite big promises when it came to promoting sales.

  4. It is stunning to hear/read a man admit defeat in the first year of a four year term. Where does it come from that a Federal Finance minister is unable to create the conditions for solid economic growth with well-paid long term employment? Morneau should be replaced. He has stated that he is incapable of managing his job. There is considerable that can be done to improve the Canadian economy. #1 reduce taxes. #2 reduce government bureaucracy. #3 improve the business climate for investment to return. There is considerable more tweaking that can be done. It is just incredible to read/hear this “sunny ways” government acknowledging that they are not upto the job. Every Canadian should expect their government’s #1 goal is to improve their lot in life. Morneau has admitted inability. Wow. If we can’t pay our debts racked up by Trudeau, then who is going to lend us this debt without substantial costs.