Blake Richards is unimpressed -

Blake Richards is unimpressed


The Conservative MP twitters upon landing in Montreal.

Car rentals r like a 6 mile walk from arrivals. Airport is named after Trudeau, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they can’t get it right!


Blake Richards is unimpressed

  1. Trudo beat Stanfld n Clark 4 times lol

  2. Seriously, though, that’s a horrible airport.

  3. Perhaps it is time to build a second airport for Montreal.

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  4. By this logic, perhaps the airport should be renamed after Mulroney.

    ‘Cause if the name’s causing delays, surely a new name would speed things up.

  5. like, omg, srsly? Like, honestly, that’s, like, sooooo totally ridiculous. Like, someone should, like do something about that. omg.

  6. Can a airport take a long walk in the snow?

  7. What would be the characteristics of an airport named after Stephen Harper?

    • It would be a bus terminal.

      • With no lattés allowed in the coffee shop, and only the National Post for sale in the convenience store …

        • Actually, if I remember correctly, Harper was once photographed reading the Sports section of the Globe and Mail during QP, and the Globe was all over it.

    • What would be the characteristics of a Harper namesake airport?
      Well, the planes would run on time, the airport fees and taxes would be much lower, and the security would catch the bad guys as they come through the gates, rather than hiring them to wander around restricted areas and handle our luggage.

        • Yikes, the G&M is not the most neutral source to be citing when hatin’ the Tories, James. C’mon back with some non-Liberal talking points, then I’ll give ‘er an honest read and consider it.
          Also, try to give the stimulus money a chance to roll out first before dissing, and let’s see what it can do. What would your Libs be doing differently if they were in power during these dark economic times, besides skimming brown paperbag fulls of the infrastructure money for themselves, I mean? …
          … you sassy online pirate, you :-)

          • I love the Tory paranoia over the msm. Even a paper that’s endorsed the Tories in the last two federal elections can still be seen as a bastion on Liberal group think!!!

          • Well, what would you have had them endorse? The carbon tax? That would have just been follish (though it didn’t stop the Star, which has that unfortunately legacy fund rule to keep Liberal editors firmly in place).
            Besides, those were editorials that endorsed the Tories … you’ll find a huge disconnect between the editorial page and the news pages, where the stable of Liberal propogandists churned out by a generation of lefty J-school profs remain staunchly on guard for the Grits!

  8. So, who were the architects and planners, etc.?

    Na, let’s blame the Liberals for everything – because that’s what Cons do.

  9. Google Earth reveals a reasonable walking path from the arrivals hall to rental cars is about 300m. That is about 1/6 miles…

    Maybe that’s what he meant? “Car rentals r like 1/6 mile walk from arrivals…”

    I would think that MPs and politicians in general should avoid Twitter like the plague..better to be thought a fool than confirm it in 140 characters or less.

    YUL has a lot of good points, smallish, so taxi-ing doesn’t take all day (I’m looking at you YYZ) nice lounge, security seemed to be largely staffed by thinking humans, and lots of bad things, going up stairs in order to go back down stairs, the capricious and ultimately silly ‘rules’ about going in and out of the ‘international’ gates, even though there isn’t even a coffee-place

    That said, the worst, the WORST, is the asinine wait for your baggage on arrival..45min – 1hr on domestic flights is routine…several flights full of people waiting at the single carousel..

    • better to be thought a fool than confirm it in 140 characters or less.

      “Si non twitavissent, philosophi manuissent.”

  10. Haha, take that Trudeau! Although, under that same logic, the sorry state of Toronto’s Pearson Airport would suggest that Lester B. was a brutal tyrant.

    I actually visited Mirabel Airport in 2004, and it was so quiet and eerily beautiful. Government waste embodied in such an incredible albatross.

    • Yeah, but Lester B. Pearson was a Liberal, too … so the analogy still holds. Honour a Liberal, ruin an airport, it seems. :-)

  11. Spend a lot of money for no useful purpose? They named the wrong Montreal airport after PET.

  12. Who is Blake Richards?

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