Bob Rae is back


And now a word from the National Citizens Coalition.


Bob Rae is back

  1. LOL the NCC just couldn’t restrain itself any longer.

    Cons have been waiting for years to beat Rae with this stick.

  2. Rather than focusing on what they should stand for (amidst a crowded ideological political room), they pursue the next saviour who will lead them to success.  A leader who will march onward with the message and purpose of nothingness.

    Nothing but power for power’s sake that it.

    Perhaps that is why the Liberals dare not engage in serious introspection in any of their conventions since Chretien left, but instead practiced identity politics going from one supposed political messiah to the next – should they dare look behind the curtain of identity politics in their hearts they know that they will see nothing of substance.  Nothing to stand for.  Not soft socialism qua NDP, not conservatism.  Just mushy catch phrases handed down from one liberal convention to the next, not quite sure of what it all means other than it being what is truly “Canadian” and that such amorphous Canadianness can only come to fruition through the true natural governing party that is the Liberal party.

    A party that has stood for everything may realize that it actually stands for nothing.

    • You lived in this country long?

    • You’re not watching the convention, I take it?

  3. Does the NCC have to totally corrupt and pollute our national political discourse by following along with the worst of American politicking? You see the destruction and paralysis in the States caused by this kind of hyper-partisan advertizing. People such as Steven Taylor should be ashamed, mighty ashamed!!

  4. This makes it official – the Cons see Bob Rae as a threat, despite the concern trolls telling us how he would be such a bad choice for leader.   

  5. It starts…

  6. Deep in the Langevin Block, the Prime Minister is having a telephone conversation:

    … and you should have seen the look on his face! Ah, good times. Serve him right for letting that hotel bill leak. Anyway, the reason I’m calling you is because I need your boys at the NCC to cook me up another attack ad; it’s been at least 6 months since the last one and frankly I don’t our rating can take that much of a hit.

    What do you mean on who? Rae of course, he’s the closest thing the opposition has to a leader.
    No… no, not her. She uh… doesn’t count. 

    Well if I have to tell you what to use then maybe I should reconsider my contribution. Just don’t Google it, it’s going to look bad on what we’re doing right now. Don’t use numbers, they’re even worse.

    How about a soviet opera for the background, we haven’t done that before.

    Slogan? hmmm… How about “The Bankrupter”… on second though we can’t expose that part of our agenda…

    Bah, you’ll figure it out. So how are those golf balls I sent you?

    I know! I think they made the ‘S’ too big…

  7. “And now a word from the National Citizens Coalition.”…which is actually one of the three (not National, maybe Citizens, not a Coalition)

  8. Bob Rae is a politicial prostitute and an oppoutunist.  He swings whichever way he thinks Bob Rae can gain the most personnally.  He screwed the taxpayers of Ontario as the Prem. and now want to do the same thing to the rest of Canada as head of the Liberal party.  Sad to say but the people of Ontario are like sheep and will suck right in behind him.      As far as Stephen Harper goes, he should be delighted if Rae wins the leadership.   Just a whole lot of the ‘OLD” same and the same proposed road to hell that the people of Ontario experienced when he was Prem.

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