Bob Rae laughing -

Bob Rae laughing


A new video clip from the Conservative side.

There is also an upbeat ad. The Sun suggests these will run on television.


Bob Rae laughing

  1. Didn’t the Conservatives post a record deficit themselves in 2009/10?

    • Hey, Steve’s a “trained economist”, don’t ‘cha know. After all, in his mind 39>61.

    • I am pretty sure he was in deficit even before the recession, but maybe not a record breaking one. 

      • The NDP was elected in Ontario on Sept. 6, 1990. The recession of the 1990’s started in the second quarter of 1990. So when he got into power, it was pretty much downhill when it came to the economy.

        • That seems right.  I was actually thinking of Harper and the 2008 recession!

          • That line makes no sense.

            In the last quarter of 2008 we slipped into negative growth. The fiscal update showed a small surplus. Many were skeptical and in the end I think we did end out the year having lost a small amount of money.

            But the recession started in the fall of 2008.

            So I don’t think how you can say the defiicit started before the recession. That’s just a silly cut away line from the Liberals.

          • Recession – isn’t that exactly what Bob Rae had to deal with when he became premier of Ontario in 1990?  

          • No it isn’t. Plenty of economists were skeptical of jumbo’s figures at the time. The overall consensus was that we were heading into deficit, all down to the CPC’s idiocy in cutting the GST and spending like…liberals[shocking i know]…but without the safety net of surplus.

          • @kcm2:disqus  don’t defend a silly line that’s not true.

            The actual point you’re trying to make is that the stimulus didn’t cause the deficit it was policies put in place before the recession.

            Had there been no recession there would have been no deficit. Had we had GDP growth like during the Martin  years there would have been a surplus.

            The simple fact is that the Liberal spin on this is demagoguery.

          • @kcm2:disqus  Further the Conservatives kept spending on the same upward trajectory that the Liberals had put in place during their last few years in power.

            The Liberals themselves had big plans for expensive new programs on top of that. As well as their own tax cuts.

            The line at the time was not to cut the GST because economists think that lowering the personal income tax is better.  

            So lets not pretend the debt/deficit would have been any better under the Liberals.

            Also its simplistic to blame tax cuts for deficits. Infometrica’s modelling shows the GST cuts were highly stimulative.

            Under the Keynesian theory adored by the opposition taking away stimulus during a recession lowers growth. Less growth = lower tax receipts to the gov’t = higher deficit.

            So only under static growth models that nobody uses could a person claim that adding a 2% drag on the economy wouldn’t lower growth and would net you the same revenue.

          • D’oh.  Reflex there.

            And you’re right about the federal deficit. Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page wrote about the deficit being structural with cuts to the GST and increased public spending.

          • Yeah, we continue to have the structural deficit that occurred before the 2008 crisis,and structural unemployment as well.

            Not a pretty picture.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus  Wrong.

            According to Kevin Page by capping health care transfers the structural deficit has been eliminated.

            Cuts in the upcoming budgets aren’t to balance the long term budget, they’re to pay down debt long term.

          • The argument that the Conservative government was running a deficit even before the recession passed the Maclean’s Bull Test.

            As for what caused this structural deficit, from the PBO’s report (page 3, 2010 report): ” The decline in the Government’s structural balance relative to potential income over this period is largely due to lower revenues. Despite increased EI premium and PIT revenues over the medium term, statutory corporate income tax and GST rate reductions push the projected level of structural revenues relative to potential income close to their lowest level since 1976-77.”

  2. When you don’t have a policy, just create an attack ad.

    • Kinda like that whole Vikileaks thing?

      • Not at all — this has been policy for the CPC since Harper took the reins. You can’t deny that. Vikileaks was a rogue staffer employed by the Liberal Party who was PO’d at Toews .  He accepted responsibility for his actions and has since resigned.

        These CPC attack ads are sponsored by the taxpayer supported CPC. Take a look at youtube. It was uploaded under the CPC flag.

        • Harper bad when he does something.
          Coalition not bad when they do same thing.


          • Harper’s been doing it for years — it’s part of CPC ad policy. DID I say bad? No!

            Coalition? That’s like 2006. Vikileaks was the sole responsibility of one rogue Liberal staffer who has taken responsibility for his actions and has since resigned.

            JD — you’re more than welcome to have your own opinions but YOU CAN”T JUST MAKE UP FACTS! 

          • Geulph was the result of one rogue staffer.

            I’m glad we agree that we won’t hold the efforts of one rogue staffer against any parties any more.

            You do know that the opposition has ads too right ?

            Actual attack ads ? Against Harper ? All the time ?

            They’re just too poor to put them on the air because nobody wants to donate to a losing party.

          • JD

            “You do know that the opposition has ads too right ?
            Actual attack ads ? Against Harper ? All the time ?”

            Desperate much? Care to furnish us with a couple of opposition ads targetted at Harper since the election, or just outside the writ at any time? I’m not saying there aren’t any, and some low ones too, just say’n. 

          • JD — you have solid evidence that Guelph was the work of one rogue staffer? I suggest you contact EC and the RCMP quick and let them in on the evidence. Otherwise please don’t respond with fatuous claims as once again, you’re just making stuff up. 

      • Exactly! They’re both have precisely the same goal…one to embarass an overreaching security minister who doesn’t even know the full scope of his own bill. And the other to…wait, that’s not right!

        One doesn’t have to approve of the ethics of leaking vikileaks to see an obvious distinction. That said Rae’s a big boy, he can take care of himself. It’ll be interesting to see what if anything he responds with. He probaly knows the real intent of this ad and what it really says about the tory thinking anyway. Following after comments such as Brodies i’d say the tories are worried now, if they weren’t before.

        Maybe unrelated but i read tory support has dropped 16 points in BC.  

  3. Rae is considered a chupacabra here in Ontario, I am assume The West won’t be too keen on clapped out socialist pensioner, I wonder where the Liberals expect to grow their support. 

    Cons just need to release a few of those ads in Ont to remind people why Cons, NDP and even many Libs dislike Rae to varying degrees. Liberal Party should be embarrassed that Rae is going to coronate himself and no other serious challenger has appeared. 

    How come no appealing people with gumption want to lead Liberal Party? 

    Globe/Mail ~ Is legacy of Rae’s days in power keeping Jack back?

    With six days left before election day, one of the big questions of this campaign is whether the federal NDP surge in Quebec will jump the Ottawa River. So far, it hasn’t happened. All these years later, some question whether Bob Rae’s tumultuous five years as an NDP premier could be what’s holding Jack back.

    Now in his 11th campaign, Mr. Rae is largely a low-profile Ontario road warrior, door-knocking with Liberal candidates in well-known electoral hot spots. As one might expect, he strongly dismisses any suggestion that he’s a drag on the competition.“Frankly, you can write that down if you want, but I just think it’s bullshit,” Mr. Rae said in an interview Monday.

    But others say Mr. Rae’s five years in office might be why Ontarians are reluctant to get solidly behind the federal NDP Leader.“I’m not sure what else could explain why the NDP numbers aren’t up in Ontario,” said pollster Nik Nanos. “I think it’s completely fair to say that part of the NDP brand in Ontario relates to the experience of the NDP provincial government.”

    • Nik Nanos’ comment “I think it’s completely fair to say that part of the NDP brand in Ontario relates to the experience of the NDP provincial government.” is completely unfair. If branding were related to the “experience of a provincial government” the Conservatives would never have increased their seats after experiencing the disasterous policies of the Harris years and the legacy of Smiling Jim’s economic failures.
      I suspect it has more to do with the short ( when it suits them)  and selective memories of people who are easy swayed by sleazy repetitve Conservative marketing.
      “This may have worked well in the past for them but I think Canadians are waking up and starting to question why the Conservatives feel the need to smear the opposition now when they have 3 more years before the next election. In particular why Bob Rae who (as  Conservatives like to point out)  is  the leader of  a third place party.  

  4. This is Conservative response to the fallout from the “robocalls” saga.

    Why have the stones to be “accountable” and call an inquiry when you can simply air attack ads?

    This is ethical “good” government? This is sleazy Republican politics moving up north. Again.

  5. When in trouble — attack the Liberals. Seriously, the official opposition’s the NDP. Why go after the Liberals? Is it just habit with the Conservatives?

    • Harper’s afraid of Rae’s intellectual heft.

      • If Rae had so much “intellectual heft”, I think he would have done a better job when he was premier of Ontario.  No, Harper and the Conservative war-room aren’t EVER going to let people forget the bad job Rae did in Ontario and that he isn’t really a middle guy because he used to be an NDP premier so if he runs Canada he will run it like a dipper.

        • Except most experts who look at the situation now.. the whole situation.. said that Rae did fairly well given what he was handed.  And that’s without taking into account the people running advertising campaigns warning businesses to not do business with Ontario while he was premier.

          • That would be the NCC billboards on Bay Street.

            I’d love to put up a bunch of billboards next to expressways in Calgary, with a picture in his cowboy duds and a photo-shopped Pinocchio nose. They seem to approve of these things when it comes to their opponents.

        • I lived through the Rae and Harris years. Rae did a way better job than Harris, IMO. Harris left us with a big debt and sold off the 407 to his pals for a song.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ve got something put together for both Topp and Mulcair already, they’re just waiting to see who wins the leadership contest. I also think this is intended more for a Liberal audience who’s not going to be completely comfortable with Rae assuming the leadership of the party, especially after explicitly saying he wouldn’t. I would bet that they’ve got ads made up with his repeated denying he would take the leadership that’ll be ready to go right after he assumes the crown.

    • Because, the CPC knows that the Liberals are still their biggest threat. While there are people who flip from CPC to NDP, their numbers are pretty few.

      So their concern is that enough of the people who voted for them last time will have finally had enough of their shenanigans, and so they want to remind them of their idea that voting somewhere else isn’t going to be any better.

      This really indicates the thoughts of the CPC war-room.  They’re not concerned about the NDP gaining enough votes to overtake them, they’re concerned about losing votes themselves. For good reason.

      • I think you may be right there. This does seem aimed more at their own mushy middle than at any body else. Guess they aint so dumb. But if the robocall scandal breaks really badly will it be enough?

  6.  As a politician, you know you’re in trouble when people are laughing at you – how can anyone not laugh at a harper attack ad against the interim leader of the third party?

    • Or one could choose to behave like an adult. It’s a choice — behave like 12 year old boy and create “toilet humour” or behave like an adult and deal with substantive issues.

  7. I would expect much more of this stuff to come. They savaged Iggy, but Rae’s record in regards to public policy is much much much deeper, and the results were never good. There’s also going to be a lot more headlines/soundbites/videoclips available for the production and creative teams to work with.

    The LPC would be foolish to make Rae leader, and I believe many Liberals have said so as well. I guess there’s just nobody else who actually wants the job? Why would that be?

    • He isn’t permanent leader. And it is this ambiguity that is driving con stategists wild.

       Although it has to be said this is quite a compliment to Rae in the end. You don’t normally attack a guy you don’t consider a threat. That said this bunch of rabid dogs would pull down their own granny if they thought it might help. Good to know you approve Rick.

      • He’s not permanent leader, yet. Though I’m sure you’ve also noticed the party’s press releases have stopped referring to him as “interim” leader. I also haven’t heard him disavow any intention of running for the full leadership, at least not recently.

        • Plausible deniability…he probably learned it watching Harper…or Chretien.

    •   Why would you care who the Liberals decide will be their next leader?  The Conservatives have  probably done some polling showing Rae gaining  traction with voters. When you can’t defend your own policies attack everyone else.  

  8. Crikey, are they campaigning again?

    Good thing I don’t watch TV, or I’d be throwing something at it!

    Who wants to watch this drivel for the next 3 years?

  9. Is this ad going to tell me that my voting location has changed?  Seriously, as Chantal Hebert on At Issue has pointed out, one of the Conservatives’ biggest weaknesses is not realizing that they won a majority in the last election, and don’t have to campaign like this. 

    • It’s their idea of domestic policy.

  10. Bob Rae: Not an interim leader.

    Really, guys? And the images? You want us to pull out the flannel-shirt wearing dork photos of PMSH? Or the cowboy hat and vest shot?

    Anyway, about those robocalls…

    • So you think those ‘flannel-shirt wearing”, photos or the “cowboy hat and vest shot” will play poorly in his hometown of Calgary?  They don’t call us cow-town for nothing?  Maybe you have heard of the Calgary Stampede?  Maybe you should realize that there are some actual working cowboys that dress that way all the time and they inhabit Alberta and Saskatchewan, Manitoba and some parts of BC.

      • Dude, relax. Was making the point of the silliness of the ad, not providing campaign advice. I don’t think any attack that features a poli looking goofy (and come on, have you seen the shots of a 17 year-old PMSH? We all look like dorks at 17) is worth much. 

  11. That’s pretty poor by Tory standards…where’s the insinuations about Rae sharing a room with Michael in Oxford, that vipers nest of radical pointy heads? Where’s the catchy slogan pointing out Rae didn’t change parties for you? Where are the missquotes and outright fabrications from some nuanced piece that Rae authored.

    Seriously, i can’t see this moving one voter who doesn’t already dislike the guy. But perhaps that’s a success in itself, if you can convince people who are ambiguous about the guy to not give him a second chance?

    Nice to to see the CPC are attempting to do that in their trademark, upscale, carefully researched and balanced rebuttal of Rae’s record. Really, who says the neanderthals died out? They’re alive and well residing in the confines of the PMO…just got to throw them a little red meat now and again…which this aint…fail!

    In the end Rae should consider this quite a compliment coming on the eve of the dippers picking their leader. I can’t quite work out if its smart on their part to thumb their nose at the choice the dippers will make or just plain dumb? Fact is libs are the third party right now.

    • What’s particularly galling is that this is supported by Canadian taxpayers.

      • Not to worry. They’ll probably find a way to target you with a tax credit for your outrage soon enough. :)

        • Only if you’re a card carrying CPC member.

          • oh c’mon. You must own a horse, or a piano, ride a bus, have an tool set or two you need help writing off or something.

          • I have 2 cats. Can I get some kind of tax credit for that? I can dress them up as pandas.

          • “…ride a bus..”  hmm yes, junior high and senior high children in major cities in Alberta ride city transit to school everyday.  If they live less than 2 kms from the school, their parents pay full price for a student monthly pass in senior high.  Yes, those parents get a tax credit.  People also get tax credits for having their children 16 and under in sports programs and arts programs.  I thought you were a teacher.  You are bemoaning that the government encourages parents to invest in their kid’s education, health & wellness and use the bus instead of a car?

          • You are very naive if you haven’t noticed that most of the candidates in the The Liberal Party are lawyers and their supporters are wealthy.  Also, the NDP is the party of big unions…teachers, nurses, police, firemen…this people all make good money and more than financially capable of donating to their parties.  It is not only Conservative voters who take advantage of the opportunity to donate money.

          • Better than having a party of career politicians, failed justice ministers and used car sales men.

      • Hey wait a minute, if my memory serves me correctly The Liberal Party earned the MOST money from donations in the last election so by your logic, they are the party that is supported the most by “Canadian taxpayers”

        • Oops…sorry….while it is true that the Liberal Party earned more in this last election through fund raising than it did in the previous 2 elections, it still came in behind the Conservatives.  The interesting thing is that the Liberals have fewer donators who give larger donations.

          • Perhaps that’s because the Liberals don’t call up old folks and insist that they promised to give the party money.

          • Yes, that tried and true method: extortion.

  12. “Record deficit”. Are they talking about Bob Rae’s record or their own? 

    Just as an aside, why can’t Conservatives run a decent government? Is it because deep down they don’t believe in government therefore they do everything in their power to discredit government….or is that waaaay too passive-aggressive Freudian nonsense?

  13. Nicely put sir.