Bob Rae's first day -

Bob Rae’s first day

A young MP arrives in the House of Commons


Via CPAC, here is video of Bob Rae’s first day in the House of Commons—October 25, 1978.

He is introduced to the House at the 12:25 mark and delivers his speech at the 114-minute mark.

Here is the roster of that House. When Mr. Rae took his seat, he joined a chamber that included four present, past or future prime ministers (Pierre Trudeau, John Diefenbaker, Joe Clark and Jean Chretien) and three future governors general (Romeo LeBlanc, Ray Hnatyshyn and Jeanne Sauve), as well as Tommy Douglas, Stanley Knowles, Flora MacDonald, Allan MacEachen, Eugene Whelan, Lincoln Alexander, Ed Broadbent, John Crosbie, David Crombie, John Fraser, Herb Gray, James Jerome, Marc Lalonde, Elmer MacKay and Gilbert Parent, among others.


Bob Rae’s first day

  1. Did Bob Rae retire ?
    What the heck is this—-the Bob Rae fan club ?
    It`s getting embarrassing.

    • I usually hate telling people to look things up themselves, but honestly, a ten second Google search for “Bob Rae” could have answered your question.

      • Jeez, are you tatally incapable of detecting sarcasm.

    • Lots of eulogies for sure……you’d think he died!

  2. He won’t be missed. Funny how much tribute this guy gets considering the only thing he achieved in public life was bringing Ontario to the brink of bankruptcy.