Brad Trost Maverick Watch


Brad Trost is vaguely interested in empowering backbenchers.

The biggest hurdle is how to make your voice heard, says the MP for SaskatoonHumboldt. That’s why Trost, a backbencher since he was elected in 2004, says he hopes to introduce a bill later this year that would give backbenchers more power.

He’s vague, however, about what form that bill might take. It could focus on better communication and more direct input from backbenchers, or less control of the political agenda from other government institutions. It could also include ways of making MPs more accountable to their own constituents.

Mr. Trost mused on party discipline and backbenchers earlier this year.


Brad Trost Maverick Watch

  1. Brad Trost is solely interested in Brad Trost.

  2. The biggest hurdle is the Prime Minister. The PM (the role, not the man) has far too much power and until we get a PM who is willing to let go of some it (Harper is not man enough to let his party decide for itself) bakbenchers will remain irrelevant.

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