Brad Trost Maverick Watch


The Conservative backbencher deviates from the script.

In a recent commentary aired on News Talk 650 CKOM, Trost said other western democracies such as Britain and the United States are mature enough to have more vigorous debates within parties. “Contrast that to Canada, where party discipline is ironclad,” Trost said. “If everyone in a party thinks the same on every issue, not a lot of thinking is going on.”

… Trost said he admires politicians of all stripes who have voted according to their conscience or the will of residents in their ridings, rather than blindly following the national party line. “We need to have a cultural change. I think it would relax everybody,” Trost said. “The (party) whip needs to have less authority over members.”

At least for those who disagree with his views on abortion, Mr. Trust is becoming a fun test of democratic principles.

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Brad Trost Maverick Watch

  1. Positioning himself for a future tea-party run for the party leadership.

    Of course in the meantime there’s always that ambassadorship to Outer Mongolia.

    • Special envoy to the Vatican? Adviser on women’s issues in the 3rd World? Tea server for  The Ottawa Church Ladies? PM’s liaison to “Dr.” McVety? So many jobs….

      • LOL depends on if Harper wants to reward or punish him I guess….or just get him out of the country for awhile.

      • Minister Responsible for Religious Freedoms Office?

  2. Y’know, I used to be a big believer in the Conservative ‘hidden agenda’. Now that Harper has his majority, however, he’s showing no signs of taking a so-con direction, and he’s proving me a dummy. It’s disappointing to be wrong, but I doubt I’m as disappointed as so-cons are these days.

    I wonder how long Harper can ignore the Brad Trosts of the party before there’s a kickback?

    • Harp is stringing the so-cons along….he knows they won’t vote for anyone else. And he also knows he wouldn’t get elected on a so-con platform.  So occasionally he throws them a tiny bone,  and says ‘maybe next year.’

      •  It’s mainly abroad that he’s lurching to the far right.  For a mid-sized country that tends not to get noticed very often, it’s the kind of action that can wreck an international reputation for decades.

        • Yeah, it takes years to build a reputation abroad, and Harp is trying to tear it down in these short bursts.

          Other nations know it’s just one person though….they often say ‘where is Canada’ and lament our absence at these events.

          Our media doesn’t often tell us their reaction to Harp….you have to go to the foreign press for that.

      • Harper is stringing the so-cons along, eh? I wonder when the so-cons are going to figure that out… I think Brad Trost has…

        • I used to read the Free Dominion site back when they had one….and lots of the SoCons on there had figured it out and were furious about it.

          But they voted for him nonetheless, because they had nowhere else to go….just as Harper calculated.

  3. I don’t understand how Trost is any sort of test of democratic principles.
    If he’s representing the views of his constituents, more power to him, no matter how abhorrent I find them.

  4. I lived in Trost’s (and his predecessors) riding for many years and a good portion of my family still does. This and his previous comments on abortion will play extremely well in his riding. He is quite well liked there and plays the small local game well. Flying Spaghetti Monster help us if his ambitions are national.

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