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In a letter to the Conservative caucus, the Prime Minister looks forward to “Economic Action Plan 2012,” or what used to be called “the federal budget.” He seems to have decided what he generally wants it focus on, but he’d like his cabinet ministers to consult with the people all the same.

Therefore, I am requesting that Ministers take time in the coming weeks to travel the country and consult with Canadians on Economic Action Plan 2012. I want to ensure that our Government gets the views of small business owners, workers, entrepreneurs and hard-working Canadian families on the policies that we should adopt to continue to create jobs and economic growth. We must work hard to ensure the concerns and priorities of Canadians are reflected in our plan.

In closing, 2012 will undoubtedly be another challenging year for Canada. We have come through the global economic recession stronger than almost any other industrialized country. However, there are tough, important choices that must be made to create jobs, keep our economy growing and keep Canada as the greatest country in the world. We must make those choices – choices that will lead to greater prosperity – but we must make them together with the Canadian people.


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  1. I note he doesn’t mention the poor and unemployed. I guess they don’t matter.

    • Nope. Only “hard-working Canadian families”. The rest don’t matter.

  2. And when he says choices, he means how much more money to we give to corporations in tax cuts and how much do we cut in services. 

  3. Mr. Wherry, why do you assume that “Economic Action Plan 2012” is synonymous with “the federal budget”.  I certainly hope it isn’t!  It seems to me that the list of constituencies that the PM recommends consulting makes perfect sense for an “economic action plan” but is DECIDEDLY narrow for an entire federal budget.  Is there a particular reason to believe that the PM is referring to the entire federal budget in this letter, and not merely to a component thereof?

    • I may be stretching things a bit here, but do you think it is possible that Wherry`s sarcasm concerning the Economic Action Plan 2012 and the Federal Budget might be revealing his true feeling about the Government ?

  4. Steve is talking about selling the next installment of the Reform party platform (Starve the beast volume III).

  5. Is he going to release the next economic update at Electro-Motive in London?

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