Brandon-Souris: the greatest by-election of our time

Parcel-delivery intrigue! A missing cheque! A man in a bowler hat who calls himself Ritalin Boy!


Here, in regards to the intrigue surrounding the Conservative nomination in Brandon-Souris, you will find Alice Funke’s detailed investigation of how and when Chris Kennedy’s application to be a nominee for the Conservative candidacy in that riding proceeded through from Brandon, Manitoba to Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa. Whenever the package arrived, the party says it didn’t include the requisite cheque for $1,000, while Mr. Kennedy insists it did.

Meanwhile, the Liberal candidate—an individual named Rolf who is the son of a former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister in Manitoba and who apparently has an affinity for bowler hats and who plays under the name Ritalin Boy in a punk band named Shit from Hell—is having to explain why he claims to have been a “senior executive” at Facebook.

Michael Ignatieff should write a book about this.


Brandon-Souris: the greatest by-election of our time

  1. The only “intrigue” here is that the Liberal candidate is flat out lying about his resume. He put that on his bio because it sounds sexier than being a media salesman for various media outlets. He never interviewed with Facebook, he never received a check from Facebook.

    As for the Conservative’s, someone didn’t get their nomination papers in on time, and thus was disqualified from running. There’s nothing “intriguing” about a party following it’s own rules, even though the Liberals love breaking their own rules.

    • This is rich, but entirely expected, coming from you.

      • He is just doing what he does best, trolling.

        How is that “I drink in the morning” website going Rick Omen? Just click on Rick Omen’s name to see what I mean. I clicked on that link at one point and was redirected to a Member of Parliament’s website. (Hint – It was not a CPC member).

        I then pinged http://idrinkinthemorning.com to get the ip address. That ip address pointed to a veterinarian clinic in Arizona. “How clever”, I thought, “he has some kind of redirect happening here”. I now regret not chasing this cockroach and killing it.

        The link goes nowhere now, but the memory is there.

        So Rick Omen, are you and Pierre Poutine still good drinking buddies?

  2. There is no intrigue. The favoured candidate for many in the riding didn’t get his dues in on time. Period. The Winnipeg Free Press got hold of his Purolator tracking number and discovered that it was mailed just an hour before the deadline, and did not arrive until the next day. Under the very clear and simple rules, he was late, and therefore disqualified. This greatly upsets some of his supporters, so they are now crying about the unfair process. Naturally, chronic malcontent Inky Mark finds the nearest microphone and adds fuel to the fire. They should have gotten his application in on time and none of this would have happened.

    • So why would he or the party lie about the cheque? That seems odd all around, no?

      • He said – she said. It’s of no consequence, or shouldn’t be if not for several malcontents who assume some conspiracy blocked their chosen one. He didn’t get it in on time, whether the cheque was in it or not. Had they bent the rules to allow the application anyway, that would be a controversy.

        • “Malcontent” sounds like one of Darth Vader’s favourite words.

        • It’s only of no consequence if the party wasn’t lying about the cheque. If they were you have an intrigue. Although admittedly an internal one that happens in all the parties at some point i imagine – politics being such a fun and honourable game all around.

  3. Does anyone in Brandon-Souris believe that a faux hipster punk, who’s disgustingly amusing name(Ritalin Boy) to his aging wanna be musical star bandmates from “Shit For Brains”, from Toronto can ride his daddy’s coat tails to an easy political gig?

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