Breaking down Nigel Wright's first day in court -

Breaking down Nigel Wright’s first day in court

Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler discuss the first day of Nigel Wright’s testimony and its potential fallout


The marquee witness has taken centre stage. Nigel Wright began his much-anticipated testimony on Wednesday at the trial of Mike Duffy, where the Crown interrogated him about his role in the $90,000 bank draft that paid off the senator’s controversial expenses.

Related: Wright’s emails have been made public. Read them here.

The buzz around this portion of the trial is loud. Wright, after all, was the Prime Minister’s chief of staff from September 2010 to May 2013. And amid a testy and tight federal election campaign, many are watching to see if Wright’s words will lead to any political fallout for Harper’s Conservative party. In the video below, Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler discuss the first day of Wright’s testimony, and how the former PMO chief of staff’s testimony peels back the layers of how the meticulous Stephen Harper runs his office.


Breaking down Nigel Wright’s first day in court

  1. Evan Solomon was out to get Harper for his whole career with the CBC. I am delighted that he has NOTHING to gloat about. Nigel Wright’s testimony must have been a real disappoint to him.

    • I noted the CBC is still doing their best to taint harper with this story….

      Watched the National last night with the “At Issue” panel, and one thing was pretty clear. Those panelists were mighty disappointed to discover that Harper had nothing to do with it. Instead, they glossed over this fact, and spent the rest of the “discussion” discussing why IT SHOULD STICK to harper, and who he really was at fault that some other guy had faulty morals.

      Face it Liberal Schmucks…..HARPER IS NOT A THIEF, CROOK, or a dishonst man. Frankly, he is everything the Liberals are not. That’s why they hate him.

  2. Evan Solomon should be the last one to talk about ethics in a public position.

  3. Peter Mansbridge…taking speaking fees from corporations he reports on.
    Amanda Lang…taking speaking fees from corporations she reports on.
    Evan Solomon…taking finders fees on introducing people to people he reports on.

    Justin Trudeau…taking speaking fees from charities while an elected MP.

    No wonder the CBC shills for the Liberals. They share the same corrupt values.

    • Do stop being silly.

    • The hostile media effect is pathological with conservatives.
      It seems to be consistent with the general rejection of inconvenient facts and evidence.
      Is it connected to the enlarged amygdalas conservatives have be shown to have?
      It’s hard to imagine how this is an adaptive trait.
      Hopefully research will shed more light on this.

      • Tresus,

        Since CONSERVATIVE brains are bigger than Liberal brains….that should not be a surprise.

          • I don’t need a citation to prove Conservatives are smarter than you, Tresus.

            I would just refer folks to anything you have ever posted.

          • No, you need a citation for the claim, “CONSERVATIVE brains are bigger than Liberal brains”.
            If you just made it up, simply cite your imagination.

            Any particular comments of mine you prefer?
            I like the recent ones in which you come to understand that gender is more complex than simply x and y chromosomes.
            Or maybe was when you learned about the word Hebrew.
            How ’bout’ the time I helped you understand that you can’t be arrested for ‘sexual assault’ for ‘flirting’?
            So many to choose from…

          • Tresus,

            I have made you look like an idiot every time you post something.

            But you take some comfort from the fact that you still do a far better job at it than do I.

        • You shur do.
          This is one of my favourites:

          James Halifax: ” Look in the criminal code………………I didn’t write it.

          Look under what constiutes sexual assault,

          Basically….anything a woman hears, sees, or experiences……….can be considered sexual assault. ”

          It’s in the criminal code!

          • You continue to prove my point.

          • Tresus,

            I see you maintain your modus operandi. You don’t really respond to what I actually write, but instead rely upon making up your own story; attributing it to me, and then arguing with yourself. You are indeed a mastur-de-bator.

          • Awww, having trouble following along?
            “What you actually wrote” was that, “CONSERVATIVE brains are bigger than Liberal brains”.
            We’re enjoying some of your greatest hits while we wait for the citation for your claim.

          • I provided my citation.

            One simply has to look at any of your contributions to this site.

          • Nice try, but you haven’t cited anything, let alone the a shred of brain-volume data or evidence. Nor would a single data point establish that fact.
            And we’ll add the claim that I’m a “Liberal” to the list of unsubstantiated assertions. Got a citation for that one?

  4. Evan begins his come back! Ya just can’t keep a good man down. RIGHT ON!