Brent Rathgeber Maverick Watch


In response to the attention received for his last blog post, the Conservative backbencher shrugs.

Ironically, I received infinitely more media attention in the last 72 hours than I did in the last 6 months.  Admittedly, this was quite unexpected.  Normally, my musings on this little blog attract a very limited audience.  Although, I stand by my comments, I think they received more attention than was warranted.  I suppose it is newsworthy when a government backbencher is seen to be critical of the Ministry.  However, it should be axiomatic that government treat taxpayers’ money respectfully.  This is so especially in times of fiscal restraint; pointing out the obvious shouldn’t be newsworthy at all!!

He also defends the budget bill.


Brent Rathgeber Maverick Watch

  1. His first ever public criticism of the government is something that was reported to be an issue widely discussed within the Conservative caucus. It’s as safe a criticism as you can get. It did, however, come a couple days after the leaked Jason Kenney “asshole” email to the Edmonton Journal. Rathgeber being one of 6 MPs from the Edmonton area, could have been quietly kicked out of caucus for that (Jason Kenney is that thin-skinned).

    So now, NOW, he bemoans the spending habits of the Conservatives publicly? Kicking him out of caucus would be near impossible because it would be seen as revenge against someone acting as the fiscal conscience of the Tories. He used this issue to cover-up the fact that he leaked the email to the Edmonton Journal. Thomas Lukaszuk’s provincial riding overlaps part of his own federal riding and he’s even gone door-knocking with him.

    Also, his call for fiscal restraint is rather limited in scope, no? So in my mind, I think the man is giving himself some cover in case they’d try to “Guergis” him out of caucus.

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