Brent Rathgeber, ministerial limos and C-38


Postmedia picks up on Brent Rathgeber’s blog post and interviews the Conservative backbencher.

“I see the role of a backbench MP to hold the government to account,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that I’m disloyal or that I’m a maverick or that I’m going to vote against the government or cross the floor. It just means that from time to time I feel an obligation to point out to the government that they need to respect the taxpayers’ dollars.”

For reaction, the Canadian Press talks to Conservative MP Rick Dykstra.

Ontario Tory MP Rick Dykstra said he, too, has received an earful about Oda’s spending and cabinet cars. But he said the budget is prompting questions as well and not the kind he’s used to hearing. Ever since he’s been back in his St. Catharines, Ont., riding, Dykstra said he’s received a “boatload” of queries on the marathon voting session in the Commons earlier this month, when MPs voted continuously for almost 24 hours on hundreds of opposition amendments to the budget bill. “It’s very rare when I get constituents actually talking to me about what’s happened in the House of Commons, actually in the House itself,” Dykstra said.


Brent Rathgeber, ministerial limos and C-38

  1. Too early to call this evidence of a fully functioning spine but it’s a start. Quick, more folic acid to the back benches!

    • They only found their spines AFTER the HoC broke for summer. So not too much spine, just enough for summer BBQ circuit, where they tell their constituents they feel the opposite of how they act. My Con MP, the very elderly Ray Boughen, was a Liberal and surprised us all when he suddenly popped up as a Conservative candidate — he tells people who call his office that he disagrees with the government policies on all kinds of things. Then he stfu and votes with the government. So again, very little spine, carefully applied when nobody is looking.

      • You couldn’t just let me feel hopeful for even a millisecond, eh?

  2. It saddens me that our CPC representatives in Ottawa feel that even if they disagree with government they will never vote against the government. Too bad they don’t realise they ARE the government.

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