Brent Rathgeber, Preston Manning and Andrew Coyne walk into a bar -

Brent Rathgeber, Preston Manning and Andrew Coyne walk into a bar

The Current convenes a discussion of MP independence


The Current talks to the Conservative backbencher, the former Reform leader and the Postmedia columnist about Mark Warawa and everything after.


Brent Rathgeber, Preston Manning and Andrew Coyne walk into a bar

  1. That sounds like the most un-fun bar in the nation.

  2. Thank you, Aaron for posting this The Current episode.

    And once again, after the airing of well handled discussion on the topic of trying to come to the bottom of MP’s level of independence, the CBC cannot help itself but to throw in that last comment, when ‘Herb’ (the CPC MP) says:

    ” I am just a dinosaur from the past.”

    How utterly gullible does the CBC think its listeners are?

    After airing a segment on how to better try and understand how politics is being done in this country, leave it to the CBC to throw it all back into the garbage by being so blatantly anti CPC.

    When Warren Kinsella brought out the purple dinosaur on tv when he participated on a public panel about Canadian politics, he knew very well what he was doing. Preston Manning has always understood what Warren had accomplished at that time.

    It has taken the CPC and Mr.Harper years and years to try and move themselves away from that purple dinosaur image, and now that a majority is held onto by the CPC, the CBC is still trying to bring us back to square one: bring on the dinosaur image – that’ll teach them and all Canadians a thing or two.

    Andrew Coyne may insist that Preston Manning is always the diplomatic one, but wouldn’t it be nice if Andrew Coyne could, for once, act as wise and gracious as Manning suggested and see and admit for himself how this ‘political game’ is being played, each and every day!

    Time for all Canadians to open up the eyes and ears and stop blaming especially Harper and the CPC members of parliament. The media and the public at large have an important role to play in this. Coyne admitted as much, at least when the media is concerned, but I don’t think I will hear him bring up the dinosaur segment, which ended this broadcast, any time soon!

    And so nothing will change.

  3. It’s fascinating see journalists used like a puppet by soul searching backbencher.