Brian Mulroney just wants something to believe in


The former Prime Minister talks to the Globe about Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister, airing tonight on CBC.

“If you look at Question Period, you can see that it’s often the theatre of the absurd. There’s no relationship whatsoever to the problems of ordinary Canadians, and that’s one of the reasons why ordinary Canadians turn off so quickly in politics,” said former PM Brian Mulroney, in an interview before the show’s taping last month. “They look at it: It’s all contrived indignation and cheap shots and phony questions and unserious answers, so they turn off on it.”

Later, Kim Campbell takes a rather unnecessary shot at George W. Bush.

We’re going to liveblog the show or post a running diary after the fact tonight. Either way, there will be something here later.


Brian Mulroney just wants something to believe in

  1. Is this where we go to the Hansard archives to pull quotes of Lyin’ Brian taking absurd, contrived QP cheapshots when he was in the HoC? Frankly, to borrow a phrase, I find Brian’s indignation rather contrived.

    • Can you find those in the Hansard archives? Unfortunately it looks like whoever edits it, takes out the juicy bits.

  2. ROFL … Oh Brian you are a card indeed.

  3. What about those of us who like Question Period for the drama and high stakes it provides? what if we couldn’t care less a bout those poor little Canadians?
    I personally am in no way turned off of politics. It’s what educated (ok, some aren’t) come to discuss big ideas. Sorry if it doesn’t appeal to does who care more about getting their oil changed or the price of milk this week, but for some QP is fantastic.

    • Some day, someone is going to ask, “What is the meaning of life?” Can’t wait.

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