British Columbia’s long provincial nightmare is over


Surely to the relief of the Globe’s Vancouver bureau, Michael Ignatieff has given Ujjal Dosanjh a fancy new title.

Let this gaping wound in our national unity now begin to heal.


British Columbia’s long provincial nightmare is over

  1. As a British Columbian, I was caught in gloom and angst until this latest announcement. Forget things like a recession and a war and probably another election in about an hour and a half, this was serious. Now the traditional west coast clouds are parting, birds are singing, and the afflicted are being healed.

    So that’s nice.

  2. I see that IC has a fancy new title. Of course, I’m actually more curious why the former director of Carr Center for Human Rights Policy needs a Special Counsel on Human Rights & International Justice?

  3. Sounds like a consolation prize to me. After all Dosanjh has been through in the past few years – the heart problems, the leadership wrangling, the narrow election recount – I’m surprised he was passed over when Iggy named his shadow cabinet.

  4. As a BC’er myself I would most definitely agree with the premise that the LPC needs to get it’s act together out here where the Rock Meets The Water. About the only good thing for the party out here is that it has nowhere to go but up. PS: the increase in Iggy’s numbers in Quebec of late sure isn’t going to help. I am really looking forward to watching Iggy’s dancing skills the next while.