Bruce Carson and the loophole


The Prime Minister’s former advisor apparently figured he was within the law.

Carson, however, seemed to sense he was on shaky ground in terms of his lobbying. At one point, Carson said he was worried the Lobbying Commissioner could start looking into his activities. When asked if the thought he could slip through under the rule that allows someone to lobby without registering if it makes up less than 20 per cent of their work, Carson said he thought he would. “I really don’t want the Lobbying Commissioner sort of going crazy over my involvement in this,” he said. “This would be like one-tenth of one per cent of my time so we’re all right.”

More from Democracy Watch and The Star’s Allan Woods.


Bruce Carson and the loophole

  1. Well see, it's like being a little bit pregnant….

  2. At least you're original. Keep trying.

  3. Given past practice, Carson also probably assumed Harper would lie for him.

  4. Funny, you can screw up nuclear facilities, break any tradition, and even break laws but Harper will have your back unless there is an attractive woman (or 2) involved.
    The only miscreants Harper has thrown under the bus were those whose scandals involved "women of ill repute".
    (OK – Brian was a special case where the cash envelope replaced the girls.) http://catch22campaign.ca/

  5. It looks like Harper's war on corruption in Ottawa is all smoke and mirrors and loopholes.

  6. I think the real story is going to be Mr. Carson's current employment situation and his relationship between the government and the oil industry. I do hope some enterprising journalists are digging into this.

  7. With Carson's excuse, and considering the "financial considerations" offered to Cadman for his support (not a bribe), in-and-out twisting and turning, Oda-cizing documents, bending every rule in the book to ensure committees are dysfunctional, etc etc etc, you begin to get the impression that being a gymnist is a pre-requisite to be a Conservative.

    And people claim Harper is merely a lifelong non-athlete and desk jockey!

  8. Paula Simons' article in the Edmonton Journal today gets the ball rolling.
    <A href="http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Stewardship+Alberta+oilsands+must+remain+free+controversy/4481595/story.html&quot; target=_blank&gt <a href="http:// <a href="http://;http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Stewardshi…“” target=”_blank”>;http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Stewardshi…“ target=”_blank”> <a href="http://;http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Stewardshi…” target=”_blank”>;http://www.edmontonjournal.com/opinion/Stewardshi

  9. Could qualify for an Olympic sport. Of course you'd have to keep the medals under lock and key.

  10. An excellent article by Paula Simons … must read.

  11. Excellent – thank you for posting. I really think this one has more meat than the 'fiance' job creation scheme.

  12. Oh look, Carson was ppointed to the Alberta "expert" panel to set up the oilsands water monitoring system. That'll end well…

    What kind of experts does Harper appoint to environmental organizations? Is "crrok" the only skillset required?

    Look at sopme of the other pies he's involved in: http://sixthestate.net/?p=1090

    Meanwhile Harper is privatizing our National Research Council:

    Soon to be renamed the Harper Research Council

  13. That should be "Look at some of the other pies Carson is involved with" though I'm sure Harper himself is not as distanced from this stinking mass of corruption as he wants to appear.

  14. This is quite the article, and I'm please to see some journos continuing to follow the story. Many have just dropped off. Personally, I don't think it was the words "nude photos" and "escort" that piqued my interest — although prurience is big here — it was the words "influence peddling." Nothing like a guy who helps create the legislation, including loop holes — who better to know how to exploit them?

    I'm interested in the Mike Holmes connection too — Carson wanted to piggyback the water filters through the program Holmes is running to build houses on First Nations — and I've seen pics of Holmes with Harper and Laureen, and read comments by him that point to his conservative ties.

  15. Funny, I understand why the Liberals won't touch the Cadman thing, but I'm amazed that the other parties don't hammer Harper with it at every opportunity.

    It doesn't get more clear and direct that the Prime Minister's own voice saying "I knew financial considerations were being offered…"

  16. Uggh. I used to really like Mike Holmes, but this year he started to get on my nerves for some reason. I really like Damon, so that isn't it. I still can't pinpoint it, but maybe the Conservative-ness is an aura I can sense?

  17. The first thing that piqued me was that Carson was Rona's Chief of Staff when she was the Environment Minister – and the mandate was sabotage the Kyoto Agreement.

  18. Well, I think he is part of Harper's push to turn Canada into what Andrew Nikiforuk calls a petro-state; Carson was involved with several "environment" organizations without having any qualifications but what he learned in politics and jail. http://sixthestate.net/?tag=bruce-carson

    The Tyee is a great source of reporting on the tar sands, piplines, etc: http://thetyee.ca/Topic/Energy/

  19. Brian's also out of public service now, so that was a gimme.

  20. Well, I'd wear it, simply because I'm a proud Canadian and I have that nostalgic sense that the Government of Canada is my government and not Stephen Harper's.

    I'd even have my picture taken beside him if I'm a celebrity and trying to improve certain things in Canada–so I could talk to him about a national building code. Instead, though, I'm a partisan Liberal nobody. I wouldn't have my picture taken beside him as me.

  21. Haha, me too. They would be using each other as photo opps. The cynical part of me thinks you may be giving Holmes too much credit. vis a vis his reasons for hanging out with steve; I'm not sure he's as altruistic as you may think.

  22. Sadly, I don't think that, either. I just want to think that. Actually, I don't really want to think that so much anymore. Like I say, he bugs me lately.

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