Bruce Carson charged


The RCMP has charged the former PMO advisor with influence peddling.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police “A” Division Commercial Crime Section has charged Bruce Carson, age 66, of Ottawa, with one count of Fraud on the Government, also known as influence peddling, contrary to Section 121(1)(d) of the Criminal Code. Carson is alleged to have accepted a commission for a third party in connection with a business matter relating to the government.

The Prime Minister’s Office referred the matter to the RCMP in March 2011 following an APTN investigation into Mr. Carson’s dealings with the government.

To today’s charge, the PMO responds as follows.

Immediately after being informed of these allegations last year, our government referred the matter to the RCMP Commissioner, the Ethics Commissioner and the Lobbying Commissioner. Any individual who doesn’t respect our laws must face their full force as well as the consequences that come with them.


Bruce Carson charged

  1. When asked to comment, Mr. Carson replied “look, I’d love to stay and talk about this, but I’m late for an appointment – I’m getting my ass measured for a Senate seat fitting.”

  2. Next up: Dean Del Mastro

  3. Something about apples and trees come to mind..

  4. I was kinda hoping for (still am,I guess) more information about his
    U of C sinecure …

  5. The federal Conservatives responded to the influence-peddling charges that former Prime Minister Harper adviser Bruce Carson is facing by issuing a statement saying “”any individual who doesn’t respect our laws must face their full force, as well as the consequences that come with them.”
    This is a deeply hypocritical statement from the Conservatives given that Prime Minister Harper has done nothing to penalize dozens of Conservative Cabinet ministers and MPs who violated federal good government rules by handing out government cheques labelled with the Conservative Party logo, and has done nothing to penalize Cabinet ministers Christian Paradis (who violated the federal ethics law), Tony Clement (who violated federal spending rules in the G8-G20 fiasco), Jim Flaherty and Peter MacKay (who violated federal budget rules by hiding the actual cost of the fighter jets), Peter MacKay again (who violated rules by using a military helicopter for a personal purpose), and Bev Oda (who violated rules governing expenses, and also misled Parliament).
    In some cases, these ministers and others have faced no consequences for violating key rules also because a watchdog agency like the Auditor General or Ethics Commissioner has no power to penalize them, or has failed to enforce the law effectively and properly and no one is allowed to challenge their improper enforcement in court.
    Because nothing can be done to force a Prime Minister to penalize Cabinet ministers and politicians who violate rules, the watchdog agencies must be required to conduct random audits and to investigate all complaints and situations in which there is evidence of a violation, and must be given the power to, and required to, penalize violators, and everyone must be allowed to challenge any watchdog in court who fails to enforce rules properly.
    As well, the huge loopholes must be closed in key good government laws because these loopholes currently make it legal in many cases for people involved in politics to be dishonest, unethical, secretive and wasteful.
    For example, loopholes in the federal lobbying law, and weak enforcement, have meant that no one has been prosecuted for failing to register as a lobbyist since the law was enacted in 1988, and dozens of lobbyists have been let off the hook. Recently, a House of Commons Committee has recommended some changes to close some of the loopholes in that law, and to strengthen enforcement, but not enough changes to stop secret,
    unethical lobbying of the federal government.
    NOTE: See for details:
    Duff Conacher, Founding Director of http://DemocracyWatch.ca

    • Don’t forget In and Out architects appointed to the Senate.

  6. Kudos to APTN, none of this would likely have seen light of day without their investigation.

    The 3 Universities that supported Carson’s boondoggle Institute (and held positions on the board) should answer some questions about the integrity of their operations.

  7. “Any individual who doesn’t respect our laws must face their full force as well as the consequences that come with them.”

    Translation: Anyone stupid enough to pull this crap will be thrown under the bus — the rest of us are smart enough to stay under the radar with our dishonesty.

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