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John Geddes and I have a piece about where Stephen Harper might (must?) go from here.

The most interesting insight contained therein might belong to Tim Powers. To wit.

“What Harper has proven to be is the right character for the drama … And he’s played different roles and played them well.”

That might be the best two-sentence summation of Stephen Harper yet offered. Granted, it might also be the best two-sentence summation of any successful politician.

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BTC: Also

  1. Reporter: How can an actor become President?

    Reagan: How can a president not be an actor?

  2. So, Powers is admitting in essence that Harper is pretending until he get’s that beloved majority so he can make Canada something Canadians won’t recognize.

  3. Apparently Italo Calvino loved referring to Ronald Reagan as “the Acting President.”

    Demosthenes loved ridiculing his rival Aeschines for the fact that the latter had been a successful actor on the Athenian tragic stage.

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