BTC: Ask those who know


Before making his way to Quebec for the big think, Rob Nicholson toured a youth detention centre here in Ottawa yesterday.

He remains, of course, steadfast in his objection to numerical analysis (“We don’t govern by statistics in our government,” he proclaimed once more, never minding, er, this or this or these.). But he has at least arrived an interesting alternative to objectively studying the scourge of criminal behavior. Namely, consulting with the hoodlums themselves. 

As the official press release explains, “Minister of Justice Meets Violent Youth Offenders Face to Face.” According to Nicholson, he and the precocious wrongdoers discussed the importance of education. Though you’re welcome here to make the easy jokes about a veteran politician and an aspiring pick-pocket having much wisdom to share. 

In any event, if the Minister of Justice is now taking counsel from criminals, one can only assume Peter MacKay will soon enough to be off to Kabul for a sit down with the Taliban.


BTC: Ask those who know

  1. And perhaps Tony will sit down face to face with junkies.

  2. Maybe he took David Cameron’s advice and decided to ‘hug a hoodie’.

  3. I read Nicholson’s comments in The Star this morning; I thought part of the point of Statistics Canada was to generate data (such as the census) in order for government to develop programs and legislation. Nicholson must think all of that must be witchcraft or something…

    “Screw evidence and facts; we’re going to govern by how our guts feel…”

  4. Colbert wins again!

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