BTC: 'At a rich gala, all subsidized by taxpayers' -

BTC: ‘At a rich gala, all subsidized by taxpayers’


Speaking of getting all dressed up and going to some artsy-fartsy socialist fete

The National Arts Centre is thrilled to announce that the legendary Tony Bennett, famously described by Frank Sinatra as “the best singer in the business”, will be the special guest at the next NAC Gala on Saturday, October 4. Tony Bennett and his quartet will give a one-hour command performance in the second half of the Gala. And, to launch this night of glamour and style, Pinchas Zukerman will lead the NAC Orchestra in a complementary classical programme. One evening with twice the enchantment – guaranteed to make you leave your heart at the NAC!

The NAC Gala is a benefit for the National Youth and Education Trust, investing in young Canadians through the performing arts. The NAC is delighted to announce that Janet Yale, TELUS’ executive vice president, Corporate Affairs, has agreed to chair the Gala Committee for a third year, and that Mrs. Laureen Harper will be the Gala’s Honourary Chair.


BTC: ‘At a rich gala, all subsidized by taxpayers’

  1. Well, if Laureen is attending it is artsy but certainly not fartsy.

  2. Probably leaves out the 99% of artsy-fartsy types who go home from their waiter/waitress jobs and just want to turn on the TV.

  3. Speaking of the arts – they include painters, musicians, wardrobe and makeup artists – how much is it costing taxpayers to have Harper have his makeup artist at his side all the time?

  4. Slamming gala openings is shades of Governor Ritchie, who goes to baseball games like ordinary Americans do (Posse Comitatus, The West Wing). Should we expect to see Governor, err… PM Harper at a hockey game on October 4?

  5. Aaron,

    If this intended to be a gotcha moment, you are a bigger idiot than we thought.

    The gala award music shows (east, aboriginal, and Canajun) that ARE all taxpayer funded compared to this fundraiser that isn’t and is actually privately subsidizing the whiner set is comparing apples and oranges.

    Keep sucking up to your artsy pals, but dont make false comparisons to wrap your lips around their butts.

    You are almost as bad as the CBC. They took the lions share of the cultural funding loot excess ($70 million) and they are too falsely spinning “cuts” to culture.


  6. The surprising thing about this outburst from Harper – who has quite a few bowtied photo-ops out there – is the timing.

    When all the polls are showing him in a strong lead, why on earth would he feel the need to pander to his angry-uneducated-Bob-like base when the sweater, piano etc etc were all designed to expand it?

    It’s baffling, unless their internals are showing something quite different from the national polls.

  7. Wow, Bob, you’re really upset. Would you like a soothing pumpkin spice soy Chai latte?

    Anyway, this gala will not play well with the Canadian Tire/Tim Horton’s demographic, but may work with the Lee Valley/Fortinos crowd. No idea about the Rona/Metro voters, but I’m pretty sure Harper can kiss the Midas Muffler/Rabba Foods cohort goodbye.

    But that’s all unscientific guesstimation. Who’s got the numbers?

  8. Ti-Guy, you crack me up.

    Personally, I’d love a soothing pumpkin spice soy Chai latte.

  9. It’s okay, Harper is only mad at Galas in Anglo Canada. In Quebec it’s different.

    (my point being Harper refused to make the same negative comments en francais about culture that he did in English… kind of like the justice announcement… kinda makes you wonder what Reformers like Deb Grey, Art Hanger, Randy White et al think about all the special treatment their party gives Quebec now.)

  10. I guess Laureen will be going solo to this gala, eh?

    And Harper does know his comments in English about money-sucking culture-elites can be easily translated into French, doesn’t he?

  11. D,

    I would suggest what Harper knows, just as Chretien knew, is that the Stanley Cup gets better ratings than the opera. What Harper also knows is that the urban bigots who beleive they are intellectually superior because they prefer opera aren’t going to vote for him in any case, and that when pushed too far over something as paltry as $45 million can get mileage by calling them out.

  12. Harper Conservative turn populist! The plebs, lead by Harper, will defeat the bourgeoisie!

    Come and let’s rally, comrades! After Jeopardy the hockey game let us finish this class warfare!

  13. Laureen is often escorted to these things by the lurvly John Baird.

  14. I’ve been working on focus groups of Aboriginals across the country, discussing media and how it reflects (or doesn’t reflect) their cultures.

    In areas as different as Moncton and Iqaluit, a distinct number of Natives have noted that one tv show they enjoy watching every year is the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. Some say how great it feels to see their own people celebrated in such a way, others say it’s one of the only ways they find out these achievers exist. The younger people say shows like that inspire them to also achieve.

    So here is some “rich” subsidized gala watched by Aboriginal Canadians who are certainly dealing with issues all “ordinary” Canadians are dealing with, and they can relate to each other just fine.

  15. Dije,

    In a manner of speaking, yes. Just don’t forget who created the narrative, so you’ll know who to blame when it ends badly.

  16. I’m busy, instead of that populist rally thing can I get one of those chai lattes? thanks

  17. Harper knows being photographed in a tux at a gala would be worse press in his home state err… province that his Brokeback Mountain outfit ever was.

  18. Mike G – Run (or drive your Lexus) to the hills while you can, elitist.

    Unless, you conform to the will of the populace; get a large double-double and complain about non-traditional hockey markets.

  19. @Peter:

    Don’t you think that your so-called “urban bigots” enjoy a good hockey game as well (as well as going to the opera and plays)? Since when do country folk not enjoy culture? I’ve seen some very good plays in small, rural theatres.

    What we (kind of) may agree upon is that Harper is using (some would say exacerbating) the supposed urban/rural divide for his own political gain. So, he is what you could call a “divider, not a uniter” (in the converse of what his good buddy, George W., once claimed way back in 2000).

  20. Glad to see that Tony Bennett will be headlining. Nothing like getting someone from home office to show those of us working in a subsidiary how to do things.

    Michale Buble should be in the audience to take notes.

  21. @D,

    When you refer hockey on the one hand, and then use an example of opera and plays on the other in a group called “culture” you answer my question.
    If you were to to have to boil Canadian culture down to one word, you could do worse than “hockey”.

    Sorry, D, I grew up rural, went to university and became urban. Operating as an incognito rural in an urban environment, I am constantly exposed to urban bigotry by unwitting urbanites who don’t know my background.

  22. This is the sort of comment that has me questionning Harper’s ability to function when not scripted.

    What a stupid thing to say. More importantly, Harper apparently recognized his blunder because he refused to repeat it in french.

    I think the leader’s debate will be quite interesting.

  23. Peter : you are perilously close to what I think is the truth. The answer lies in numbers those mysterious symbols and their history are fascinating especially when the strangest things are revealed when then planets line up. The more the left wing nuts run around in little cirles accusing Harper of being a combination of Bush, Hitler and Genghis Khan the more his numbers increase – how can this be it is unacceptable and the left wing idealogoues – can’t get it – can’t see it and more than likely won’t. For proof see you after the polls! message decode = Harper picks his fights very carefully unlike Dion whose punches are thrown widly and rarely accurately Stevie is best as a counter puncher who goads his opponents into anger and then tiring themselves out with wild unaimed punches and then he comes off the ropes and hits the mark almost every time!