BTC: Boutros Boutros-Ghali!


Pierre Trudeau! Jacques Chirac! Marcel Proust! Christian Dior! The president of Harvard! The guy who founded the modern Olympic games! Paul Bremer!

All right, never mind that last one.

(Theoe are all people who have hung around Sciences Po in Paris. None could probably be trusted to manage the Canadian economy.)


BTC: Boutros Boutros-Ghali!

  1. I don’t think writing a 3000 page novel, designing clothes, and bombing Iraq have a lot to do with running an economy.

    Nice how you omitted the Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury Dept. He’s clearly doing a bang-up job. Don’t you think? Or maybe the CEO of Credit Suisse… he kept a good hold on those rogue traders ans billions in faulty loans right? Oh and the CFO of Standard & Poor’s. How’s their index doing lately?
    Mayhaps a bit of bias found its way into this posting…

  2. The mediocrities are surging.

  3. Your sarcasm is only funny because it speaks the truth.

  4. Wonderful school.

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