The Ottawa Citizen’s Joanne Chianello on the campaign so far.

“We’ve been lavishing an enormous amount of attention on what is politely referred to as the politics of personality. (In less erudite circles, this week’s brand of politics invites comparisons with what that puffin left on Dion’s shoulder.) There’s no doubt that the media are complicit in the gossipy chitchat that has so far dominated the election coverage, but the fact is that the parties haven’t announced anything worth discussing.”



  1. Quite right. There are no policy differences of sufficient interest, so why not focus on the personalities?

    I am trying to figure out why this is a bad thing.

  2. Er, aaah…

    Since when does the media have to wait for the parties to announce anything, before they can ask questions about… I don’t know… future healthcare, childcare, environment and First Nations, foreign policies under the party in question…?!

  3. If the Cons hadn’t started pre-election campaigning with the “sweater vest” ads trying to “humanize” Harper & then on Day 1 tried to control the message with negative ads on Dion at 6 a.m. perhaps we wouldn’t have all this nonsensical pettitness.

    And on Day 2 breaking forth with the puffin pooping vid only made it worse. And I’m sure this was approved by the PMO, if not even Harper himself, as nothing is “approved” by anyone but him. All must be vetted first.

    When Harper spoke, immediately after leaving his meeting with the GG, that he expects the campaign to get “nasty” he made it sound as though it was the other parties that would be so, when in fact it was him & his media messages that began this – immediately.

    I, for one, am glad that he has been called on the negativity by the media, as it’s downright juvenile & stupid. Perhaps now the discourse will elevate. But Harper is still playing to the Mr. Nice Guy image which appears contrary to his true nature – at least in governing.

    He seems to not have any new platforms to present to the voter & so the focus remains on the leader/personality aspect. Barring the 2 cent diesel fuel tax cut, which to be honest, amt.’s to nothing in savings. It is so minimal to be ridiculous.

    Perhaps we will now see him presenting other platforms but they will be made up on the fly as this was not Harper’s election plan. And I’m sure they won’t amount to much at all.

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