BTC: Canada’s back (Part Whatever)


A report from Rome.

Mr. Martin said the Canadian delegation did not make a speech, but Monday vetoed a Swiss proposal to change the ratification process so that it would only require a 3/4 majority for listing a chemical.  To be added to the list, consensus has to be achieved.


BTC: Canada’s back (Part Whatever)

  1. Bloody embarrassment this CPC government…

    People looking for “inspiration” to vote should consider this as their inspiration next time around.


  2. Be fair Austin, we’ve known about asbestos through many administrations of both stripes.

  3. It isn’t just this government. Running interference for Canadian corporate interests is bi-partisan policy in Canada, whether that’s selling out our interests with drug and seed patenting, free trade measures that let corporations move capital at will but leave citizens unable to work in the supposed free trade partner countries, or legislation to reduce the liability of nuclear industries. When the interests of citizens conflict with the interests of industry guess who always wins, under Liberals or Conservatives?

  4. Point taken, folks…issues involving Quebec are a hot potato for any government.

    But with the behaviour at Bali, this is just more striking…


  5. I could deal with isolationism, but actively stymieing international negotiations is reprehensible. If the government doesn’t buy AGW, for instance, let the rest of the world move forward on it rather than hold them back (yes I know this doens’t pertain to AGW).

  6. And just to round things out, if the NDP were ever to win their audition for the job, they would have the same hard choice to make between angering a lot of working stiffs by closing down their mines, and their principles.

    We all have a very recent example of just how tough it is to bash together a winning collection of what turn out to be very small, isolated communities of interest. That’s why we see such a bewildering array of seemingly opposed policies; they’re necessary to stitch together a majority.

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