BTC: Can’t/Won’t


“‘You can’t fire your candidate,’ said Mr. Teneycke.”
National Post, Sept. 21, 2008

“The federal Conservatives have ousted their candidate for Toronto Centre, 43-year-old international-trade lawyer Mark Warner…”
Toronto Star, Nov. 1, 2007


BTC: Can’t/Won’t

  1. I don’t know why the Conservatives would bother to run in Toronto Centre. They will hopelessly get crushed, and what’s more they plainly showed they don’t care about the riding when they ousted a Red Tory who did.

  2. Wow that is a stretch of Red Tory – everyone should have a handgun doesen’t even sound Tory…just scary…

    …but maybe there is a Calgary riding he could run in…Calgary West?

  3. What happened to Big Tent Party. He openly admitted what he believed in and was willing to work for what he though was right. He wasn’t breaking laws speaking about what he thought was right. This is just another left-wing smash on freedom of speech. The media really picked what they wanted to say on this one, and ruined his image. Horrible coverage. This guy had a lot of good beliefs he wanted to fight for. They just forgot about those I guess, whats new?

  4. “This is just another left-wing smash on freedom of speech. The media really picked what they wanted to say on this one, and ruined his image.”

    Ya know, if the “left wing” were really as omnipotent as you knee-jerk conservatives seem to think (and I’m not saying all conservatives are pathologically unable to think clearly), we’d be living in a socialist cesspool that would make Marx proud.

    Why can’t you accept that trying to make political hay out of the horror on that bus, or wisecracking about Canadians dying from tainted meat, are both cases of crossing a line that most Canadians rightly take offense to? And that ain’t a left or a right position – it’s a decent one.

  5. I think that the Chris Reid incident is just another example of how we are slipping into an Orwellian society. What ever happened to freedom of speech in this country? How about individual liberty to think and say what is on our mind? It is a scary thing to live in a society where politics have been engineered to make it a crime to offend someone. I dont agree with many opinions that come from left wing people but I will be the last person to ever vote to silence them no matter how offended I might be. In the case of Mr. Reid I think the voters in his riding should have decided his fate and not the Conservative leadership. P.S. Criticize America all you like but the fact is that in most states the man on the bus with the knife would have been shot dead by a fellow passenger and the victim would be alive today….I suspect the young man who died would vote for Mr. Reid.

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