BTC: Coincidence, surely -

BTC: Coincidence, surely


Globe and Mail, January 16. “The Harper government has refused to provide financial aid to the auto industry, including funding to support a $300-million plan to reopen a shuttered engine plant in Windsor, Ont. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said this morning that Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear when he met with the premiers last Friday that Ottawa is not prepared to inject funding into specific projects.”

Globe and Mail, January 17. “Ottawa won’t dole out direct financial aid to help reopen a shuttered Windsor, Ont., Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. engine plant, because the Harper government doesn’t believe in targeted subsidies to specific firms, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says.”

Windsor Star, tonight. “Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to pledge $80 million worth of financial support Wednesday toward a $600-million Ford investment to reopen its mothballed Essex Engine Plant in Windsor, Ont.”


BTC: Coincidence, surely

  1. Damn voters in Southern Ontario. That’s the problem with politics. The right thing is always trumped by the expedient thing.

    What next? A NEP/carbon tax on Suncor and Syncrude?

  2. Bugger all, could there be a “conservative” party that lives actually up to the term? Please? This taxpayer’s derriere is getting really sore, and if I have to bend over again…

  3. Any illusions this Harper government is not willing to go down the Paul Martin path are now surely obliterated.

  4. Argh! Bail on the John Deere plant; the growing industry. That closure shocked me: the CAD rise trumping high grain prices and demand.

  5. In unrelated news, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra has announced it’s changing its name to “Essex Engine Plant.”

  6. It’s buying time again, they’re going to leave me
    I can see that far away look in their eyes
    …dah, dah, hum, hum won’t be long before it’s crying time… hum, hum.

  7. Stephen, boy, you’re making it harder and harder for me to vote for you. Although the other party leaders are making it easier and easier…

    If I scrawl ‘john a macdonald’s brain in a jar’ on my ballot, does that make it legal?