BTC: Family is everything (III)


Here’s the rough script to an ad the Conservatives ran in 2004.

We open on footage of Stephen on the podium and with his family. He plays road hockey with his son Delivers an address for a large gathering. Watches his daughter at ballet. Takes a private moment in his office. Takes his boy to Ice Hockey. And walks with his wife. The image is a romantic portrait of a leader and a man with his family. Over these images we hear Stephen Harper. 

SH: They say the measure of a man is in his commitment to his family, to his friends and to his country. 

It’s in the lives he enriches and the promises he keeps. 

To serve a country is to be measured. 

To be held accountable… to a higher standard. 

So if I am to be measured let it be to my unwavering commitment, to my family, my friends and… my country. 

My name, is Stephen Harper. 

Cut to a close up of Stephen Harper delivering the last line. 

End slate: Demand Better. Vote Conservative.

(Unable, as yet, to find the matching video, but here is a slightly altered version of the above.)


BTC: Family is everything (III)

  1. Oh please…

    I guess exploiting your family is the “in vogue” thing to say I’m a stand up barracuda or wonderful guy this election season.

    First Governor Palin passing her baby around like a hot potato at the Republican convention and now this?

    If the idea is to appeal to women – it has the opposite effect. Leave the
    kids at home.

  2. Is the family photo-op a new thing in politics?

  3. Steve Wart: Being with your own babies seems to be the new take on classic baby kissing.

    That being said, families play to traditional conservative values, so it plays well to his base. I also suspect its part of the plan to get the as-of-yet-evasive to him female vote

  4. Is it just me or are people here unusually enthusiastic about using US election cliches?

    “base” “narrative” “talking points”

    It’s just so horrible. I am equally to blame. I wonder if we can stop before we turn into kos or the nro.

  5. I’m just surprised that “family” wasn’t capitalized, but they are aiming for the Centre.

  6. Where to start….

    The commercial text is about as dishonest as Rudy Guiliani’s Republican convention speech.

    …”lives he enriches…” : Like how the Conservatives and Harper are currently gutting arts and culture programs across the country?

    …”the promises he keeps…” … How many promises have the Conservatives broken since coming to power? It’s hard to keep up. Income trusts, dubious behaviour in trying to recruit Chuck Cadman to the Conservatives, the in-and-out scandal, turning a budget surplus from the Liberals into very possibly a fiscal deficit, having a listeriosis outbreak on their watch whilst trying to cutback Food Safety regulations, … I could go on and on. But as the final glaring example, breaking HIS OWN law so he could could call the election at the time of his choosing. Hypocrisy thy name is Conservative.

    I frankly don’t give a damn about his commitment to family or his friends. That’s his own personal business. But I do expect a Canadian PM: “To be held accountable… to a higher standard.” (as they say in the ad).

    If Canadians properly hold the Conservatives accountable during this upcoming election, they will toss them out of power.

  7. These ads are also on youtube. Like Harper’s Government communication seems to be a one way street. Harpers talks – Voters look but don’t get a chance to talk back.

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    What are you afraid of Stevie?

    We’re all here to help ya. The criticism will be constructive, transparent and accountable, just like you family-man sweater guy.

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