BTC: Family is everything (IX)


From the Globe.

“While Mr. Dion tried to suggest competency by sitting next to Mr. Martin and Mr. Goodale, a defensive-sounding Mr. Harper tried to display empathy by mentioning his worried mother for the second [day] in a row as an example of how close to home investment losses have hit.”


BTC: Family is everything (IX)

  1. Biased!

    …Just thought I’d that get out of the way.

  2. Featured comment at SDA, I thought I’d share:

    “The fact that the decline in Harper’s fortunes seems to go lock step with a decline in the stock market indicates that the entitlement psychology has spread far beyond starving artists and cranky university students: apparently middle class Canadians now feel “entitled” to a rising stock portfolio and soaring real estate values, and feel that it is the job of the state to guarantee those things.”

    On top of that, we have a left leaning media who will happily add to that notion by:

    – parroting opposition talking points essentially holding Harper “responsible” for a market downturn – which originated in the US no less

    – adding chiding editorials suggesting that Harper is insensitive or being overly “cheerful” while he points to very real statistics which show Candians are far better positioned than other countries, with superior GDP, unemployment, lack of bank failures ect,

    – consciously omitting from any serious reportage, just how much better Canada’s fundamentals are than virtually all other G8 countries, on virtually all other economic indicators, (which omission of very crucial real facts that are central to the issue of the day, is required to facilitate the dishonest attack on Harper).

  3. Think about that for a moment:

    Canada’s performance/readiness relative to all other equivalent/G8 countries in this economic downturn, is perhaps the most relevant piece of information, in this election,

    but the media has decided not to report it.

    It has decided the public needs not see this when they make their decision as to who is best to lead the country in an economic downturn.

    Instead the media is content to parrot opposition attacks, and editorialize that Harper is being “defensive”, while at the same time knowingly withholding information from the public that would have a material impact on their decision and that would put a lie to the allegations the media are tacitly supporting.


    you must be so proud of your industry.

  4. Did I say “parrot”???

    Not to be confused with the ultra important, materially relevant to voters, multiple headline grabbing,

    cartoon kind.

  5. “consciously omitting from any serious reportage, just how much better Canada’s fundamentals are than virtually all other G8 countries”

    Is Canada’s strong economic fundamentals due to Harper’s 2.5 year reign?


    And Conservative supporters are now crying about dishonest attacks against Harper?


  6. Agreed kody.

    In the RBC report that Coyne posted early today which said that our economy would still grow(!) the rest of this year and 2009, the G&M and CTV reported that RBC “cut our growth forecast”. I.e. they put the most negative spin possible on a report that says in the middle of worst global financial crisis in our lifetimes, Canada’s economy is projected to still grow. Slower than before, yes, but still growing. No recession. RBC is of course the largest financial institution in Canada.

    They also did NOT run a story about our banks being SO strong that the US Fed is looking to Canada’s banks to help with the bailout.

    The IMF report that Canada’s economy will LEAD the G8 through 20009 is buried somewhere in the Report on Business section, not reported anywhere near the election coverage.

    Kody is right. This is journalistic malpractice at its worst. I would even go so far as to say that this is nothing less than brainwashing of the electorate.

    I would really love to know exactly what the financial arrangement is between the LPC and Bell Globe Media, because I can think of no other explanation for the torque they put on the news.

  7. Blues,

    it may or may not be,

    and that would be debateable. (Though given the media’s suggestion that Harper is somehow responsible for an economic crises originating in another country, it would be rich indeed to say that the relative success in this country should in no way be worn by him.)

    But we’re not supposed to have that debate.

    So say the “deciders” in the media.

  8. john g,

    “I would really love to know exactly what the financial arrangement is between the LPC and Bell Globe Media, because I can think of no other explanation for the torque they put on the news.”

    I don’t believe we must find the culprit in that sort of corners. I think you will find the culprit somewhere along (or in between) these lines:

    What’s the difference between reporting and opinion making?

  9. “What’s the difference between reporting and opinion making?”

    Um, the bias of the reader/viewer?

  10. “Um, the bias of the reader/viewer?”

    By the time it hits the average reader/viewer, the reporting/opinion difference has already been washed over. The blurring has already occurred before.

  11. Look, I’m not an economist. Nor do I own stocks. But,as an earner of 7.75@hour and a single parent and student, I probably qualify as ‘ordinary’.
    And I am scared. Scared of losing my job.
    Although Coyne tells me I have nothing to fear

  12. sorry, wrong thread

  13. It’s okay Sophie. Fear can not be bound by mere threads.

  14. I won’t believe for a minute that the Harper government can legitimately claim responsibility for a sound Canadian banking system, when it is Liberal policies of the past that shaped the current system. Had Harper’s ilk been at the helm for the past decade and a half, we would surely be suffering precisely as the U.S. is suffering now.

    And I do not think anyone is trying to hang the current situation on the Conservatives–what they are saying is, Conservative policies will not help us get through this. It is those very policies that got the U.S. in trouble in the first place. Reagan/Thatcher started the ball rolling with their “voodoo” economics.

    The world IS NOT FLAT and nothing the Conservative “believers” can say will convince me otherwise.

  15. Archangel

    Do you believe the Europeans have been practicing ‘voodoo’ economics that Reagan/Thatcher started?

    If not, can you explain why the European banking system is in meltdown?

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