BTC: Family is everything (VI)


From the Globe’s account of this morning’s Tory briefing.

“Jason Kenney once again led the press conference, as he did the day previous. On Tuesday, he was joined by Conservative candidate Lisa Raitt, the former CEO of the Toronto Port Authority. Ms. Raitt took the podium with her family by her side – an important image for the Conservatives, who wish to convince families that they’d be worse off under Mr. Dion.”


BTC: Family is everything (VI)

  1. I didn’t see anything on the morning news.

    Did any network plug into to the feed and carry it or are they all refusing to this?

    If it’s the latter, good for them.

  2. Hey…Raitt was anointed by CPC HQ against the wishes of the local CPC riding association in Halton. Apparently they are quite upset by it too.

    In this case, avoiding press would be a good thing for them.


  3. Well, golly, a candidate has children – that is just so rare.

    Are people really that stupid?

  4. Why aren’t they trotting out Jason Kenney’s lovely nucular family? Family values and all.

    And isn’t Jason Kenney supposedly running in – rats, what is the name of that city his “riding” is in, the one that he “represents”?

  5. Sandi – I’m going to wait until Aaron confirms that those really are children she appeared with, and that this isn’t another example of the Harper Conservatives misleading the voting public.

    The same way he demonstrated earlier today than two parents earning $35K are a wealthy family, and not middle class as Harper might claim…

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