BTC: ‘Family is everything’


That’s the title of the newest Conservative ad.


BTC: ‘Family is everything’

  1. Yeah but what are you supposed to feed your family? Not deli meats, mushrooms or cheese.

  2. So without family, there is nothing.

  3. Poor orphans… they are nothing

  4. …just ask Sarah Palin. It’s all about family, y’all, tell you what!

  5. Family is all we have.

    We tried some actual policy, but no, really, family is all we have.

  6. “Poor orphans… they are nothing”

    Well.. if we want to take this *that* literally.

    Let F be the set of families and E be the set of everything and S be the set of things which are soylent green.

    Proposition 1: Family is everything: F = E.

    Proposition 2: Soylent green is a strict subset of everything. S c F.

    Therefore, S c F = E, S c F.


  7. Harper knows how to play the piano? Was this ever mentioned anywhere before?

  8. …and come election season, we aren’t a bunch of regions pitted against each other for politcal gain by the government…

    We are family. And family is everything.

  9. Family as defined by the CPC!

  10. As long as it’s a straight white family.

  11. Harper knows how to play the piano? Was this ever mentioned anywhere before?

    Yeah…I’m sure he can play chopsticks like no one!

    You know, “comedic genius”, “master tactician”, and of course “piano player”.


    BTW…wasn’t that a line in “Goodfellows”?

  12. i think he means family will be all we have after a conservative majority re-tools the social safety net for greater efficiency.

  13. Do you think he would include my Lab as Family?

    Oh, I forgot he hates dogs especially Kyoto.

  14. Mike T. – yeah, like when the Harris brain-trust ran Ontario and suggested that it was ok to slash welfare rates 30% because people could cadge bags of groceries off their FAMILY. (Neglecting to mention that people actually following their advice would of course get charged with welfare-fraud if they didn’t declare the groceries and have that amount clawed-back from their welfare payments.)

  15. I have seen the newest ad three times in two hours on YTV.
    So either the Conservatives are trying to get em young, or their constituent base watches YTV, or they think children or vote, or they reason their simple policies blend in well with the programming.
    Ive seen the ad enough times Im ready to liquidate my stash of nickel nickles to this S.Harper guy.

  16. K… what I don’t get is the tag line at the end…

    We’re better off with Harper

    Huh? After that commercial, it almost seems like they’re implying that should he not return as PM he’ll… what? Lose his kids? Not be able to play card games with them? Be deported? Wha..?

  17. Is it better to be a family or to be a society?

    Oh,sorry. Maggie said ……. Forget it.

    Where’s my handbag?

  18. singles suck.

  19. Oh, this is so painful….after watching the Republicans for the 20 years on this stuff and Harper copying them……I am so BORED with it.

    Charels McVety helping him out with this?

  20. I have to admit that my first thought upon seeing this ad was, like Bailey, “Wait, he plays the piano? Really? Did we know that? Why hasn’t Jane Taber ever mentioned this before?” But then I got distracted trying to figure out exactly who those shadowy back-of-the-head-only people with whom he is ostensibly sharing his thoughts were supposed to represent. And why no shout-out to Rachel?

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